SoCS :Magical moments

These were 25 magical moments for me. Moments that are locked into my memory bank that I was fortunate enough to get photographs of. Magical in the way that they made the present moment beautiful. I didn’t think about that past or the future. I wasn’t even thinking about the present state of my body. Magical in that these moments my mind was clear of every single thing but the experience I was having right then and there. Praying that everyone can experience a magical moment today.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 18/18

Something to dream about…

This tiny tree frog was waiting on my wheelchair ramp to the front door giving me a nice grin as I set out on my walk. He jumped right up on me ofcourse but thankfully not in the house so I didn’t have to spend an hour chasing him.

Then this gorgeous butterfly landed on the flowers my husband planted, lantana, the love them. I loved how I thought she was the blue butterfly and then closed her wings and the outside completely different from the inside.

Beautiful images I hope to keep on my mind as I go to sleep tonight

Meet Mary-Beth

Mary-Beth has left her nest and is learning how to fly. She is the daughter of my most favorite wren who sings to me every morning from one of her favorite spots..either the water faucet, the flower pot, or the chair I sit in on the deck. I adore her and watching her baby try to fly was precious! We won’t tell her about the patchy bald spots. She is giving it her all out there with mama and papa looking on!

Keep looking to the sky Mary-Beth, you can do it

Dark poetry TW

Do you want a happy little poem

That says the little girl in me is still alive

Well she is not

She died

My child like wonder did survive

My heart and soul did survive

But that 11 year old girl

You murdered her


Then the 12 year old emerged

And you murdered her

It should be more than a felony

The justice system let you flee

When a death sentence is what you need

For what you did to me

An eye for an eye?


No turning the other cheek

That’s not meant for the yous

It’s meant for the meek.

You get no absolution

No, that’s an illusion

There are not enough hail Mary’s

To make you clean

Your sins run too deep

Pedophiles don’t get to be free

One day…you’ll see.

You kept stabbing









Oh I wait! There is a 13 year old


Same ole song

Another you

One more man

Follows along

Until I’m 15

I still have her memory

In the PTSD

Set in stone

That history

The man who killed the child


Here I sit


About a dream

Not to resurrect the old me

Just to be ok

Being THIS me



And letting that simple thing

Be a victory.

Abuse and murder

Are the same

Just given a different name

I can tell you how it feels to lose my life

I can tell you some things don’t heal with time

But here I am

A mother

A wife

I still have passion

I still have fight

This Bethany

Is still


But that little girl

You killed

And I will always mourn her

Loss of life

This Bethany

moves forward


In the light.

*photos of me, by me, depicting in pictures what words cannot express of the deep wounds left and how PTSD is felt


My husband and I went out to the wetlands park today and were ofcourse thrilled the wild horses were there. I think they will be there for awhile until the prairie is not flooded. They are obviously getting all the nutrients they need, they look so shiny and healthy. So there are 2 mama’s each still nursing their own baby and each other’s baby. All three mares are pregnant. So 3 mares, 2 babies, and one stallion. Soon many more!!! Can’t wait!!!! Here are the photos I took tonight.

The park ranger told us that it took a million dollars to make half of the park wheelchair accessible which I was so grateful for. There isn’t any money to make the other half accessible but I can still look out over it. These were taken in the area that isn’t accessible to me but my husband steered the scooter for me and got me a little ways towards where they were but the rocks are hard to maneuver over. Fortunately they weren’t far away although after talking to the park ranger I almost wish they were further. As I find it a breath of fresh air everytime I see them, she said that she hoped they don’t get too used to people. And I agree. Oh they are so beautiful to be in the presence of. So so beautiful.

A walk around my yard

Due to the constant rain around here I took a quick drive one road over to see how bad the prairie flooding was. I can nolonger get to the prairie because the road is blocked due to flooding and the road right behind us has the prairie backed up to their back doors. Thankfully we are on high ground just one road over. I will so miss my nightly sunset views from the prairie.

The first photo is the fence along the prairie that has water up to the top board. The next is the tree on the prairie completely underwater. The next is the prairie road that is completely flooded. I used my zoom lens. The road is not accessible.

So I came home and decided to do a walk around my own yard and post those photos since prairie life is halted and the rain has kept me from wheelchair adventures.

My husband bought me (well the birds) a new bird bath and the old one got moved to another area. It’s funny with so much water everywhere they still come to the bird baths. Maybe because I put clean water in them and there is no risk of snake and alligator in a bird bath!

My live oaks (the earth’s live oaks) I always appreciate and love but have never photographed them. I look out each window in my house every day and am in awe of their beauty. I finally took some photos.

This was a walk around my yard: