There is only one truth

I often hear that there are many sides to every story.

I believe there is only one truth.

There are many perspectives to that truth but there is only one truth.

Often people in your life will try to get around the real truth by imposing their emotions on what happened in the abuse that was inflicted upon you. Their emotions are not yours. Their truth is not yours. The truth of what happened to you,you know.

Your emotions are what matters. They will spin their emotions so that they do not have to face the truth. Which often puts added burdens on what we are already going through.

It takes a lot of strength to overcome abuse. We simply cannot deal with being strong for others as they have a hard time processing what we have been through. And it is not our responsibility.

They are not our responsibility. Nor are their emotions, their confusion, or their questions.

There is only one truth.

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