70 things mothers should tell their daughters.

1. I am here.
2. You are my priority.
3. You will always be my priority.
4. You are worthy of love.
5. You are worthy of commitment and honesty.
6. I choose you.
7. I will always choose you.
8. I trust you.
9. I will believe you.
10. I will fight for you.
11. I will have your back.
12. You will never be punished for your honesty.
13. You can call me at 2am and I will come get you wherever you are no questions asked. Just know I will be there.
14. I will always listen.
15. I will not abandon you.
16. No mistake will keep me from loving you.
17. No bad choice will keep me from loving you.
18. Be true to yourself.
19. Love yourself.
20. Practice humility.
21. Practice gratitude.
22. Trust your instincts and act on them.
23. You are unique. Don’t compare yourself to others.
24. Believe in miracles.
25. Have hope.
26. I will accept you for who you are.
27. Choose friends who build you up and have good character.
28. You are beautiful as you are.
29. It’s ok to say no to someone. Say no.
30. Stand up for others who can’t stand up for themselves.
31. Ask for help if you need it.
32. It is your heart and soul that make you beautiful.
33. It is how you treat others that make you beautiful.
34. I see you. I see the little things you do that make you beautiful.
35. Sometimes to be a better mom I need to have time to myself.
36. Sometimes me being quiet just means I am thinking or tired.
37. Be patient with me. I am trying the best I can.
38. I have made mistakes.
39. I am sorry.
40. You can always come to me.
41. Come put your head on my shoulder.
42. It is all going to be okay.
43. We can work through this together.
44. It is okay if you need to be alone.
45. It is okay to be angry. Just try not to stay that way for too long.
46. It is okay to be sad and cry.
47. Pray, and ask God for guidance. Listen to the words he puts on your heart.
48. Know that through good and bad God is with you.
49. You can lay in my bed if it makes you feel safe. If you have a nightmare you can always wake me up. If you are 5 or 35.
50. If anyone ever scares you, hurts you, makes you sad, makes you uncomfortable, touches any part of you that you do not like even if it is your arm, then come and tell me. Always tell me. Nomatter who it is. If it is my best friend, if it is your best friend, if it is your friend’s uncle, if it is the plumber, always tell me if someone makes you feel badly. I will always take it seriously. I will always listen. I will always believe you and protect you from that happening again.
51. Nomatter how old you get, my arms will always be open for you. My home will always be your home.
52. I forgive you.
53. I love you.
54. I celebrate you.
55. I cherish you.
56. I support you.
57. It is okay if our choices are different.
58. It is okay if Our beliefs are different.
59. It is not okay for anyone to bully you.
60. Social media can be very dangerous. We need to talk about how you need to protect yourself on social media.
61. I am proud of you.
62. Your effort means more than winning.
63. Take time to watch a bird fly, or a worm crawl, or a bee land on a flower.
64. Laugh out loud.
65. Don’t worry about what other people think of you. What you think of you and what God think of you are all that matter.
66. Appreciate a compliment and say thank you.
67. Choose a partner in life that will truly be your partner. One who will honor and respect you. One that will always make you feel loved.
68. Let yourself fully love.
69. Be able to let go of what is not good for you or who is not good for you.
70. Know that my heart will always be with you.

9 thoughts on “70 things mothers should tell their daughters.

  1. These are fantastic messages – I wish I’d had them from my mom. Especially #50, but the others are so important too. Your daughter is lucky (and good with the make-up, btw).


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