Tears of the soul.

We all know what tears of the heart are.
They flow when our heart is touched.
They flow when our heart is broken.
I have cried those tears many times in my life. A heart will cry when it is completely full and when it is completely empty. It will cry when it is full of grief or full of joy. Happiness and sadness, love and loss, all can create these tears.
I have loved so hard I have cried these. Loved my daughter. Loved my husband. Cried at the thousands of moments with each of them that filled my heart with joy. Cried at the thousands of moments when either of them were hurting.
I have lost so deeply that I have cried these. Lost my best friend to cancer. Lost my nana when I still needed her. I have sobbed in these moments and I have cried out in anguish. I have cried while speaking with God on more times that I can count.
Tears of the heart.

There is another kind of tear. They slip down your face with barely a notice. They are silent and still. You can count on one hand the times you’ve ever allowed yourself to let them flow. Not everyone knows them. They are sacred. They are not about anyone else. They have nothing to do with a connection or a vision, a dream or an expectation. They have nothing to do with reaction or rejection.
They are only about oneself. They come from a place that is only accessed if you truly allow yourself to be.
When you have accepted what has happened. When you have accepted the truth. When you have looked inside yourself and know.
These are a different kind of tears.
They come from a depth far beneath the heart.
When each tear is a battle fought, a bridge crossed, and a violation survived.
When each tear is from that child who was lost, and unheard, alone, and afraid.
When each tear is knowing that you made it.

These are tears of the soul.

5 thoughts on “Tears of the soul.

  1. …very touching what you are writing here. As if our soul gets a glance at itself in a moment when it sees its image reflected by our own life, by our pure being.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Those are the tears that came in my fifties. As each chapter arose, so did the tears, washing and for the first time, fully cleansing. And tears of joy came up too.
    I’d hit the ‘love’ button if there was one! So well spoken. So perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

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