Molly moo. She had so many different aspects to her personality. We had about 20 different nicknames to call her depending on her mood or look. To name a few,  Laney,  Molane, Laney-loo, Moll-moo, Trisha, Mol-trish. There is a story behind each of her nicknames. She was an original.

We got her when she was 4 months old abandoned and starved. She had a bladder infection and mange but I had to have her. She was quite the challenge to say the least. She was afraid of the fan, a backpack, a broom, a random stick, you name it she  was afraid of it. She would chase a bicyclist or a jogger if given the opportunity. When we built our house the first thing we did before moving in was put up  a fence. The Molly’s of the dog world deserve good homes, they deserve to be loved, and they also come with a huge responsibility. My daughter trained her with an agility course. She loved to open Christmas presents! She really loved to pop any ball she could find. But when it came down to it Molly was like a wild animal that never would be fully tame. And I would not have changed her. She loved us. She loved my daughter with pure unconditional love that couldn’t be matched.

I accepted Molly for who she was.

I feel like we are now living in a  era of bigger and better and upgrades. Everyone must upgrade their countertops, their appliances to stainless steel, their flooring to laminate. Things always seem to be in need of changing for the better. This room could use a throw rug. That room could use a new lamp shade. The car really should be traded in for a newer model.

What happened to accepting how things are and being happy with them. Change is sometimes just an escape. Change is sometimes a temporary fix. When what we really need to be doing is upgrading our way of thinking. Instead of changing our homes and our cars, change ourselves in a way that makes the imperfect perfect.

I don’t want an upgrade dog. I don’t want an upgrade anything.  I don’t want a pure breed with a perfect coat and a perfect walk . I want the animals in my life just like the people in my life, with great character. I want unconditional love. I don’t mind the clothes they wear or the state of the house anymore than I cared that Molly perpetually smelled like corn!

Some things are beautiful just the way they are. When we can learn to accept THINGS just as they are we are one step closer to accepting ourselves just the way we are.

I will always think about Molly. She could lay in the hay with my daughter and feel complete bliss. Do you think a dog can feel bliss? Molly could. How often have you felt bliss. When she was laying in the hay with my daughter all she was thinking is, ” This hay feels great, I love this girl laying next to me, the sun feels good.”  She wasn’t thinking, ” Hope they replace this hay with new hay soon, ” She just lived in that moment. My daughter did too. We can learn a lot from children and dogs but I guess everyone knows that.

In this world of fancy and new, I like old and comfortable. I like trying think as purely as a child and being blissful in the sun like a dog.

My mind doesn’t always allow me to lay in the sun and think of nothing but the trees and the birds and the grass under my back.  But I try every day to get closer to  that goal. I definitely don’t need an upgraded faucet to make me happy nor do I need  a new fancy car. I’m proud of that quality in myself. I’m proud of the fact that I would rather watch a caterpillar make a cocoon any day of the week than pick out new wallpaper. But that is just me. I’m finally realizing that I like the way I am. I like me. I accept myself exactly as I am. You may be a wallpaper picking out kind of person and I don’t think that is a bad thing. It is just not my thing.  As long as picking out new wallpaper once a year isn’t just running from a part of yourself.  In all the struggles and hardships it is a victory to be able to be happy with who you are.

I don’t look around my house and want anything new. If anything, I’d love to have Molly-moo back in it if just for a day.


6 thoughts on “Molly

  1. Great blog post!! I agree with you. My Moosey is the sweetest even though he insists on falling into the laundry basket from the bed or whatever. He reminds me daily of a simple, pure love and contentment with what I have instead of what I wish I had.

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  2. Thank you! We loved our girl. And our other dog Jess was diagnosed with cancer. He was given 3 days to live but it has been five months now and he is still hanging in there.I think he knows that we just couldn’t lose them both so soon together. But he isn’t suffering. Infact he is getting an enormous amount of attention and love. Anyway, thank you again.

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