Holding her hand.


I’ve held her sweet little hand thousands of times in her 19 years of life.

Last night I stayed up with her until the wee hours of the morning and then fell into a fitful restless sleep only to wake up and find she had not slept. So at 6 am I layed with her and held her hand and watched the sun come up, my eyes burning with sleeplessness.

Have you ever held someone’s hand and prayed that either: 1. God would heal them or 2. You could take it all from them.

I prayed both of these things this morning. As I lay there holding her hand I started to think about all the mothers around the world holding their daughter’s hands. The mothers who would do anything to take away their illness, or pain, and I couldn’t hold back tears. It is a helpless feeling to want more than anything for your child to be ok but be powerless to make that happen. I thought about all the children who have suffered from starvation and abuse all over the world and their mothers who sat with them while they cried, and just prayed for the suffering to be miraculously healed.

I layed with my daughter this morning, holding her hand, and literally tried to just suck everything bad out of her and into me! I am sure it is something that desperate mothers do. I prayed I could just pull it all out and absorb it into my hand and take it all on myself so that she could be freed of it. My heart hurts thinking of all the mothers tirelessly sitting by their child’s side praying them well. Or maybe not tirelessly. Because I am very very tired.

We should always hold their little hands. We should never stop praying. It is a lonely place to suffer alone. We may not be able to erase the suffering but we can hold their hand through it.

There are the little children who don’t have a hand to hold. They wish they had a mother or father that would chase away the fears for them. Their parents may be the ones making them suffer because they’ve abused them or allowed them to be abused. I wish I could gather all of those children and hold their little hands too.

Sometimes holding a hand is all we can do.

I pray that God gives His hand where there are no others.






10 thoughts on “Holding her hand.

  1. Beautiful post. As the mother of an adult child who has been in pain all his life i totally understand

    As to the abuse in childhood. Sometimes it is having a mentor. An adult who presents the example of what mothers and fathers etc should be.

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