My boy.

imageI said goodbye to this angel today. He blessed me with true unconditional love. My heart will forever love him. My heart will miss him until I see him again. He took away the lonliness. He brought light where there was none. He was devoted and loyal in ways I’ve  never experienced before. Opened the oven for me when my arms couldn’t.alerted me of seizures. Sat by me when no one else did.

Please pray for  me. My heart is broken. But thank God it loved.

27 thoughts on “My boy.

  1. That is sad. You are loosing a family member. In terms of love and emotions you will hardly find a living creature that is more connected to you and your family than a dog. I have a dog myself and don’t want to think of the day when I might have to take the decision to let her go for her own best. I can feel how difficult today must be for you. These are very sad moments.


  2. Oh, it’s a hard period of grief losing a pet such as that. Of course I send a prayer to you as you cope with your loss. May you feel peace that your pet is at peace. And might it lighten the pain.


  3. I am so very sorry to read of your loss. It’s bad enough to lose a cherished pet and family member, but even more so to lose a helping hand. May your grief pass through with as much grace as possible.


  4. So so sorry for your loss. Dogs do love unconditionally and I am glad you got to experience that but I am very sorry you are grieving such a loyal friend and family member. Lots of hugs sent your way!


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