4 thoughts on “A poem

  1. I so want to help, but shamefully I feel helpless.
    I do know that when someone else acknowledges the reading of a thought or life experience of mine, in an odd way it seems to validate the useful part of me. It works as a catalyst to continue.
    I consider myself an ‘Odd Duck’ and I’ve been told that’s OK, so I will continue to write in that ‘Odd Duck Way.’ 😊


  2. I hope you find your way back ‘home’ very soon. Other things have evacuated me from my center, and though the reasons how and why are different, I have experience that uncomfortable feeling of not being connected and back inside me.

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    • I thought that many may be able to relate to feeling disconjointed in their mind and body and spirit through other extenuating circumstances! I hope I feel like myself soon. I am getting closer! Thank you!

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