You want me to be
A woman of class
A woman of dignity
When I am imperfect
You judge me.
You want me to be
A woman of gentleness
A woman who is Godly
When I am imperfect
You lecture me.
You want me to be
A woman who is beautiful
A woman polite to all she sees
When I am imperfect
You belittle me.
I AM a woman of all these things
You’ve just never really seen me.
You’re to busy trying to create
What you cannot be.
I am imperfect
I have my flaws
But I am doing my best
not for you
But for God.

11 thoughts on “Poem.

    • Trying to please everyone else will just end up in constant disappointment I have learned. That is why the only failure I can avoid is pleasing God the best I can and forgetting about all the people and their rules and their judgments.



    I value your ‘follow’ in my site. Because of that I need to apologize for last week. The combination of past frustrations and present sadness pushed what mindfulness I had left out the window.😔
    This poem is beautiful. It has relevance, conviction and a gentle touch.😊


    • What happened last week that you are apologizing for? I cannot remember anything. But i am terribly sorry to hear you have such sadness. We cant always be mindful and be human beings at the same time especially uf we are having struggles and frustrations.
      Thank you for reasing my poem!


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