Thank you!


I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has supported me this last year. Your words of encouragement, understanding, and validation have uplifted me and given me the courage to keep moving forward. Thank you for reading my blog and thank you, each of you, for your kindness. I am eternally grateful!

4 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Bethany,

    Recently I had to learn how difficult it is for me to say “Thank you”.

    I felt grateful and thought I voiced my feelings … but I did not … and actually appeared to be un-grateful and remote, when I myself felt very close to this person. Luckily that friend took the initiative and gave me an honest feedback. At first I felt ashamed about myself but then was very grateful that the person holding the mirror for me did it in a very loving way. Shame turned to guilt and guilt is much easier to deal with.This way my own value was not put in question but my behavior was. It gave me the opportunity to reconsider and change my behavior.

    Why is it sometimes so much easier for me to rant and criticise other people that to say something nice or make a loving comment or to simply to say thank you. Maybe one reason is, that we become more vulnerable expressing something positive. It is a bit like reaching out so somebody to embrace them. If you are then pushed back … that hurts! So pushing somebody away with negative comments might be a lot easier. … one appears to be on the save side. … but we are then also excluding ourselves from love, connection and belonging.

    The photo with your dog, that you have chosen, is very meaningful in this context. So thank you for your openness in your post, that somehow made me think about my own life and values.

    Thanks again,

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    • The fact that you listened to what your friend said, reevaluated your behavior, recognized what you wanted to do but didn’t (or couldn’t at the time)and then made things right, shows what a truly phenomenal person that you are.
      I agree that pushing someone away with negative comments is the safer route sometimes. but you are also right that by doing that we allow no love in or out. Sometimes I think vulnerability is a direct route to our heart and we have learned to protect our heart so fully that we may not even realize we have forgotten the power love can give even if that means a moment of feeling vulnerable.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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