Tomas the Toad a children’s book.

When my daughter was younger I wrote a children’s story for her. I wanted it to include all the animals that had been a part of our life. I also wanted it to be symbolic of the wonderful family that she, my husband, and I have created. Since I found it in my closet scribble scratched on many sheets of paper, I thought I would type it out and share it here as a bit of brightness and lightness to your day.

mylittlewren toad

Tomas the Toad


I was all cozy and warm,

snug in my bed.

My dog at my feet listening to the storm,

When I heard a soft knock at the front door.

I tiptoed down the hall to see who’d made the sound,

But all I saw were raindrops on the ground.

Just as I settled back in bed for the night

another knock on the door

the whole house heard this time.

My mother and father and dog Laney-loo

came to the door to see…who?

“Do you see anyone,” and mama said, “No.”

But Laney-loo said, “Down here, someone is wet, and cold.”

And there on the front step

was a sad looking toad.

“Come in. Come in, and get yourself warm, ” mama said to the toad

who was looking forlorn.

He hopped next to the fire to get warm and dry.

Daddy got him some hot tea

Laney-loo caught him some flies.

I asked the little toad, “Are you alright?”

he said, “I’m feeling a little better, but could I stay for the night?

I was hopping home and got lost in the storm and I need a place that’s safe and warm.”

“Absolutely,” my mother said right away.

“Our home is your home. You’re welcome to stay.”

I ran to my room Laney-loo by my side

looking for a bed we could lend.

I was so excited to have a guest for the night

and excited to make a new friend.

Daddy came to help Laney and me. He said, ” How about this?” and held up some fleece.

It was my old baby blanket still soft and white.

I knew it would keep my friend warm for the night.

Mama and daddy tucked us all in.

We still heard the outside storm and the wind.

We lay there listening to the falling rain

The little toad said, ” I forgot to tell you Tomas is my name.”

“I am Samantha,” I said to Tomas. He and I were instant pals.

We talked and we laughed for almost and hour.

Until mama came in and told us to sleep

She blew us all kisses and we were off to dream dreams.

I dreamed that tomas and I swam in a pool

The sun was shining and hot

The water was clear and cool. tomas dreamed we all went to the park

and swang all day on the swings

while Laney-loo dreamed her own little dreams

of the three of us bouncing on the new trampoline!

In the morning we woke

to the smell of pancakes

and flies for our friend of course.

Then after we ate

I introduced Tomas the Toad

To Jessy our big black horse.

Mama and daddy and Laney-loo watched

as Tomas and I went for a ride

Tomas had never ridden a horse.

This was his very first time!

I know it was time then for Tomas to go home.

It was a beautiful sunny day.

I knew I had to tell him goodbye even though I wanted him to stay.

He thanked mama and daddy, Laney-loo and Jessy too

For all they had done for him

He gave me a great big toad hug

and thanked me for being his friend.

He hopped on his way down the road

Tomas the Toad was going home

which wasn’t really very far away.

he turned as he was almost out of sight and said,

“Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow and play!”

Mama and daddy said, “Anytime,” and we smiled as we all walked back inside.

Just as I layed down for my afternoon nap

I heard a tap tap tap tap tap

on the door again!

I ran and looked and to my surprise

was a tiny little baby wren…

4 thoughts on “Tomas the Toad a children’s book.

    • Thank you! I loved writing it! We have always opened our front door to toads and a wren visits our back porch every morning and sings a song. My husband rescued a dog named Tomas and our dogs names were laney and jessy. It was fun incorpirating it all.

      Liked by 1 person

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