I will carry it with you.

I started my blog to release the shame of the secrets of abuse. I started my blog to create a space for others to release their shame as well. We, as abuse survivors, carry so much. We have held in and held on to so much. Some have never spoken their secrets. Some have never shared their pain. They don’t feel safe to do so. They don’t feel ready. I know how that feels. I have walked this walk of abuse and recovery. I have spoken about every detail of abuse and every emotion accompanying it. I have struggled. I have suffered. I understand suffering. It is hard to carry alone.

I am reaching out to you now. I am reaching out my hand to you. I am opening my heart to you. I am giving you a safe place to know you are not alone in this fight. I am in it with you.

Often times people will tell me that they don’t want to tell me about their bad day because they know I am dealing with so much. Sharing your bad day with me does not make anything about my life harder. Sharing your pain and frustrations with me does not make me feel burdened. I feel honored. We are not in a competition. There is no, ” You’ve got more than I do.” Cancer does not weigh more than a muscle disease. A muscle disease does not weigh more than a car crash. A car crash does not weigh more than a bad marriage. One does not out do or undo or cancel our or lessen the other. Each experience that you have is not changed because I have health problems and have suffered abuse. Your experiences are real and deserve just as much time and listening and validation as what I am going through.

You do not have to go through it alone. I will listen. I will understand. If you need to release your secret, you can release it to me. I will carry it with you so you don’t have to do it alone. I am here. You are not alone.

13 thoughts on “I will carry it with you.

  1. Thank you very much. Its so hard to tell others. It took me 8 months before I could ever even tell my therapist. I remember the first time talking about it I was so embarrassed and ashamed but she listened and she cared. I never expected that.

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  2. It’s been 23 years for me since my abuse ended. And after the events of this week, it feels like it was yesterday. I haven’t written about it yet because I don’t know how to form the words, but I appreciate the email that you sent to me the other day. It gave me courage to face another day! Thank you!

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  3. Your compassion for others and all living creatures is stellar.

    What do you think of this? I’ve often thought that alike a musician, painter, sculptor, photographer, actor, singer, etc…, there are individuals I’ve met and know that possess a unique ability to not only express the human emotions with words and touch, they innately understand, comprehend and empathize with the intensity of a husband going through labor pains.
    My point being that the standout artists and entertainers, I believe have been given a gift. I also believe that the people demonstrating giving, compassion, love and empathy as second nature have been given a gift to be shared with others. I would place you in that line when the gifts were given.
    It’s a beautiful wonderment to me.

    That was a long explanation? ☺


  4. “Muscle disease does not weigh more than a car crash.” I love how you worded this all. Yes! Pain is pain is pain. It might live in different form, but it’s all pain. And being able to voice it helps ease the burden of carrying it.

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