My daughter and I used to visit “feather head” when she was a little girl. He was a local celebrity at a pond not far from our house. He was the only feather head for many years. One afternoon we saw a few baby feather heads and realized his legacy would live on! I loved these moments in my daughter’s childhood. Just the two of us going out on adventures. As she got older we brought her friends. My house was the house that parents trusted their children to be. Most of them knew about my past and knew I was fiercely protective over all children. One father dropped his daughter off and asked me to please do not let any men in my house while she was here. He said if my father, a neighbor male, or my brother were to drop by, he wanted me to promise I would not let them in. I found this request completely reasonable and I felt honored he trusted me to keep my word. Her friends played in the sprinklers, played hide and seek, and had picnics on the grass. We visited farms, rode horses, and she had sleep overs often here. She got to experience a childhood. She wasn’t sheltered. We experienced life to its fullest. I let her grow up. She got her drivers licence and I let her go to the movies with her friends and go to their highschool football games.She always went with another friend and never went alone. We had rules and guidelines set up for her safety. We parented in a way that allowed her self confidence, intuition, security, and love. We taught her of the dangers. She then went out into the world prepared.

We were headed to an appointment last week and drove past the duck pond. She still remembered featherhead. Those moments are the moments all children deserve. They deserve their childhood. They deserve those memories. I am so grateful that she has them.

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