You are gone.
With you
I no longer belong.
I once did as a little child.
When life was easier
Than it is now.
It was simple to love my daddy as a little girl.
When you tossed me in the air
And said poems about my curls.

Time was not kind.
And when the monsters came
You did nothing to stand in their way.
I believe you left and never came back
After that very day.

Your words were always perfect.
Your promises so real.
But how you show your love
I could barely feel.

I held to memories past
Hope kept me til this day.
Many saw my tears.
Many saw me wait.
But you never came.
Why did you have to change.

I’ll think you of forever.
Because I’m built that way
But no longer will I think of you
every single day.
A fleeting thought,
I may.

I’ve seen you love others
I know that you know how
But you stopped showing me
For a long time now.

I smiled for you
One last time
Yesterday on the shore
We rode those waves when you were still my daddy
And I was still your little girl.

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