Surrounding myself with good. 

I have many things in my home that make me smile when I see them. We don’t have a “theme” to our decorating. We have a “that makes me feel good to look at” style 

I have this on a shelf in my room. My daughter drew it when she was just a teenie tiny thing. It makes me smile 15 years going strong. 

These pictures were drawn by my daugther’s good friend. We hung them in the hall. I look at them multiple times a day and smile. 

Owls, elephants, wolves… I adore looking at these animals. The owl has been a staple in our yard for years now. He has a mate and they raise their young in our back tree. We have spent more hours than I can count sitting outside listening to them. We can hear them all night in bed and I love it. 

I have always loved pottery, stones, shells, and artwork. My daughter made this lavender pottery and we collected these shells at the beach. An old friend made the gourd, she dried it and did all of the art work on it. I love looking at each of these things. A Native American woman gave me this stone. 

These two things are on the wall as well. My little wren who has sung to us every year. She has babies under the deck and we watch them learn to fly every year. She landed on my believe sign outside and I captured the perfect moment. My daughter sketched the horse picture when she was younger. I love having her art work displayed. 

Some of my other favorite things are this picture of my two dogs when they were happy and carefree! Doing agility in the back yard with my daughter. We were all healthy and well then and that picture brings me joy. This other picture is in my room. It is one of my favorite hawk paintings by one of my favorite artists. I’ve taken pictures of pictures with my iPad so none of the pictures I am posting here do them real justice. But it is just to give you the idea. An idea of the things I like to look at in my home. 

We chose not to use a “country” style or a “southwestern” style or a ” contemporary” style for our house. Not that there is anything wrong with any of those. My husband and I wanted to put things around the house that, when we walked past, brought up joy. I think we need to be surrounded by as many positive things as we can. Things that make us smile. My dresser may not look organized. It has 20 pictures on it that are favorite ones of my husband and me, my daughter and me, cards they have both given me, etc. 

I laminated this bunny picture my daughter drew when she was 3. It stays on my dresser with everything else that makes me smile when I look at it. That little sticky note was stuck in a book my best friend Laura gave me right before she passed away from cancer. I look at that note every day. 

From my grand mother aka Nana, I have many things. My favorite:

The spoon she used to stir the peas with. I use it every day when I cook and it makes me smile. And this book on my bookshelf she used to read to me. If I open it up and put my nose to it still smells like her. 

One of my most precious things is my wedding ring. I don’t always wear it because my finger joints swell. But I look at it. 

I look at it and I remember the day he put it on my finger. It was the day that symbolized everlasting unconditional love for me. 

Our lives, all of our lives, will not always be perfect. There are hardships, struggles, tragedies, illnesses, and losses. I have felt them. I do feel them. But I have created an environment where everywhere I look, I see something that makes me smile. Something that reminds me of the good. We HAVE to find the good. Even if it is just in a sticky note or a 15 year old drawing your child made. I can still find the good. The things that make me smile. I hope you can too. 

4 thoughts on “Surrounding myself with good. 

  1. That’s the best way to decorate a house, with things that are meaningful to you. I love that you have drawings from your daughter and from her friend. Looking around my living room and kitchen, every picture on the walls has significance for me. The style of my home is basically me, tempered to fit the design of the house itself.

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  2. Amazing..cherishing memories and enjoying even the little things and beautiful moments is awesome..we all should learn to find beauty in even the tiniest things around you said, let it be a small kid’s art work, a shell and something that reminds us of somebody in our have got beautiful things at your home..I loved all those pictures hanging on the wall, you have shown us here..

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