You matter. 

I know what they told you. I know how they made you feel.

I know how it feels to not matter. I know how it feels to not belong. I know how it feels to have no one running to save you but instead running from you to leave you fighting all on your own.

They said that you aren’t good enough. They said you aren’t worth it. They said you are something you are not.

I know how it feels to feel so small that you don’t think anyone will ever sift through to find you. I know how it feels to watch everyone turn their backs. I know how it feels to sit alone crying, praying, for just one person to believe in you.

They chose their path. They chose to hurt, desert, and abandon. That is on them. Their choice is no reflection you. It is a reflection on them. They do not assign your value. They do not take away your worth. They only take away their own. And that is on them. Those who chose to blame and walk away when you needed them most is no reflection of you. IT IS NO REFLECTION ON YOU!!!

You matter. You are special. You are strong. You are brave. You are valued. They cannot see it. I do. They don’t matter anymore. They can keep walking their own path. It doesn’t involve you. It never did. You made it through without them. Their choices are not on you any longer. Their choices are there’s and there’s alone. You deserved more, better. So do I.

I know what they told us. I know how they made us feel. We can now rise above them and their words that were never true. We matter. We always did. They didn’t see it. That is their loss. But it is nolonger ours.

11 thoughts on “You matter. 

  1. This is beautiful.
    I was wondering if I could include this post in a book I’m working on with my mum about sexual abuse survivors? You are also most welcome to share your story and/or submit anything else from your blog/writings.
    We want this topic not to be taboo. We’re encouraging people to speak up about it, that’s it not their fault and they’re not alone. We hope it will be a resource also to help people know what options they have.
    About 14 people have contributed their story so far and I’d love to include yours. Copyright stays with you, you can be anonymous or we can include your name, age and country. Contributors receive a free pdf copy of the book, and ebooks will be for sale. Hopefully a print book as well.
    Totally understand if you’re not ready for this but if you feel safe to share for this book, you are most welcome. There is also interview questions you are welcome to answer if that’s easier. We’re mostly looking for how it made you feel, what you did, how you’ve coped, advice for others. We think this will be a great way to support others.
    Feel free to ask any questions:
    For more info you can check out this post:
    Thanks so much for considering being part of this project to help girls and women around the world.

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  2. Bethanyk,
    I returned just to say a couple of things. My m/o is to walk away from or force a departure from anything or anyone good in my path. There are some people along the way that stand out in the crowd. It’s important for me to acknowledge and recognize these individuals, because of what they consistently bring to the table.
    You have always brought who & what you are in that day and in that moment. That’s a courage I can admire and respect. I have no doubt that there will always be someone from this day forward to walk shoulder to shoulder with you thru thick and thin.
    Please take care,


  3. For some reason unknown to myself, I kept this post and just now ran across it on 1/30/2018. This is a bit bazaar because, the life I’m living has become unbelievable and out of control. Nothing about me matters to anyone, not anyone at all. I wouldn’t wish this ‘ALONE’ on anyone. I’m angry, but too tired to express it. My only thought, my only revenge would be my death. Even my death wouldn’t matter, because I don’t exist.


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