When I “like” your post

When I “like” your post, this is what it means:

1. I have read your post.

2. I have heard your words.

3. I completely validate your feelings.

4. I feel the pain or joy you have expressed.

5. I respect the fact that you have had the courage to write it.

6. I don’t “like” your sorrow or your loss or your grief or your suffering. I hate that you are feeling such despair. The “like” button is simply an acknowledgment that I listened to your words but may not have the words myself or ability at that time to reply. But I have listened, and felt the words you have written.

7. “Like”, simply put for me, means, I honor what you have said and trusted us all to read.

22 thoughts on “When I “like” your post

    • Sometimes it feels bad to press a like button when you have just read something heart breaking! But sometimes my fingers cannot type what needs to be said either because of my health issues or because I cannot find the right words but I want everyone to know I read everything and it means something to me!

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  1. I’ve always had mixed feelings about the “like” button on things. I’ve often felt it could be misunderstood. I always feel the need to justify myself with “I wish there was another option here because I don’t like what you’re going through, but I support your struggle. It’s hard when the format of responses can be so limited.

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    • I wish there were a “I’m sorry for your loss…I’m sorry for your pain…I heard you….I validate you….my heart goes out to you…” Button. But if there is only a like then at least I have an explanation of what it means to me, and I have a feeling that is what it must mean for most others too. At least I hope so. I hope it isn’t like Facebook where people just scroll through and push the like button.

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      • That’s one of the things I’ve hated about Facebook. It seems so, I don’t know, impersonal. Liking everything just to like it, not because people actually read, or possibly even care. It’s so sad.


      • I agree. That is why I like blogging. It is the opposite of Facebook. Facebook is superficial and mostly what people want you to believe. Superficial friendships and doctored pictures that give images of perfection that no one can live up to. With others doing some sort of obligatory like of your things when in reality they’ve just scrolled right past. Blogs feel real and true and honest to me.

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      • Blogs are personal and deep. Facebook is impersonal and cold. I’ve seen so many people on Facebook post these “copy this to your status if” or whatever, but it’s all just pointless. What does any of it actually mean? Blogs are full of actual content, people with feelings and emotions, people who actually care about things. It’s not a simple, mindless copy and paste life, it’s stuff that matters. I’m honestly glad I left my Facebook life behind me.

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  2. Very well stated. There so many times one feels like going beyond the press of a button but have reservations.After reading your post I feel what we are looking for is interaction and someone to share our joys and sorrows, ours views and apprehensions ,another perspective to clear our cluttered thoughts.Had it not been so it would not have been there for us to read. Since it is being shared with us we should sincerely express our feelings.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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