The town that abandoned a child.

NOT MY SECRET...the journey towards healing from abuse

I grew up in Keystone Heights, Florida. Growing up in a small town had many positives. There was the Friday night street dance. There was the July 4th fireworks over the lake. There was that Mallards dime store that my Nana took me to, to let me pick out a barbie. I still remember the smell of that store. It is still there. The library had a good old fashioned card catalog and the librarian knew where every book was anyway so  you didn’t really need to look. We all hung out in the only fast food parking lot on the weekends when I got older, and always would relocate to a bonfire in someone’s back yard.My guy friends ALWAYS had my back and I think they spent more time at my house than their own. We had one grocery store, Millers.You didn’t go to Millers without running into everyone in the town.

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