We are courageous. We are brave.

NOT MY SECRET...the journey towards healing from abuse

Many years ago I was speaking to a young girl who had been raped. I remember thinking how brave she was. So often, I hear women who have been through a traumatic event or a life changing devastation called “strong.” But I couldn’t help thinking over and over how absolutely brave this young girl was. There were so many levels of her bravery. She told someone she trusted what had happened, she testified, she had persevered through everything. She spoke candidly to me about what had happened;  I don’t remember her name. I only met her that one time. I wish I could tell her now that her bravery has stuck with me all these years. I was so inspired by her. I was in awe of her really.

Here I was, an adult, 30 years old, and had never told anyone any details of the abuse that happened to…

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