The balance after finding the good.

I knew that I was already exhausted after the 2 hour drive and the 5 hours at the Mayo clinic. But the beach is only 5 minutes from the Mayo clinic, so we went!  My husband carried me down to the water. It was pretty shocking to see the sand dunes gone, washed away by the recent hurricane. It looked different with the dunes being gone because there was nothing blocking the direct view of the water. The minute I opened the door and smelled the air, the Mayo clinic was swept away. After my husband set me down right at the water and I felt my toes in the sand, I felt better. That feeling when the water rushes in, and when it flows back out, leaves your feet in this very grounded hole in the sand, I LOVE. The sound of the waves is so loud it drowns out thoughts, pain, and memories. It is magical for me.

There HAS to be good. There has to be balance. When I left the Mayo clinic I felt exhausted, drained,, and sad at no immediate answers. Had I gone home I would have struggled to release those feelings and emotions. So we created balance. We went to the beach. Even as exhausted as my body was, I needed the calm that the beach gives me. So instead, of leaving the Mayo Clinic feeling sad, I left the beach feeling calm and relaxed. We made a choice to find the good and feel the good. Even now, the morning after my Mayo clinic trip, my body is hurting, but my toes still remember the sand and my mind feels the balance that finding the good created. 

8 thoughts on “The balance after finding the good.

  1. It’s great to combine something difficult with something pleasurable afterwards πŸ™‚ I am fortunate enough to live by the sea, so I often used to take a walk after therapy as a ritual to rejuvenate. You look fabulous in your pic! πŸ™‚ Lots of love


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