The Coach purse.

What can you tell about a girl by the purse she carries?

Hanging off my scooter is my $500 coach purse.

If you saw me out today in my sweat pants and sweat shirt would you think differently of me than if you had seen me out to dinner in dress pants and nice blouse…with my Coach purse. Would you wonder and question my money choices because of my purse? Would you think I was frivolous, pretentious, or wasteful? Would you think differently of me in my scooter if I had a $20 purse in my sweat pants versus a $500 purse in my sweat pants.

I was sitting with my husband at chipolte today when I glanced over at a very large Coach purse. The woman whose chair it was hanging on had a full face of make up, very well dressed with nice heels, and fully loaded jewelry. I pondered what she was like, what her personality was, and while looking at her expensive purse, contemplated her lifestyle. Not 2 seconds later did I then look down at my own coach purse and laughed to myself. I compared the two of us, me in my sweat pants with no make up on and ponytail (obviously having put no effort into my appearance) and her with her well put together outfit and obviously a good amount of time put into her getting ready.

I looked at her. I looked at me. I looked at our purses. I came to this conclusion:

A woman’s purse will tell you absolutely nothing about the woman carrying it!

I have many purses. The reason I chose this one is because it has many pockets. There is one pocket full of alcohol wipes (germ dream pocket), one pocket with my medications, one pocket with my own hand soap (I hate the smell of public bathroom hand soap), a pocket for my phone, one for my medications, and one for my lipgloss on the rare occasion I decide last minute I want to wear it. I chose this purse for the pockets. I didn’t buy this purse. My cousin, who had many Coach purses, rehomed her old ones to me. So my very fancy purse, is not only a hand me down, but only currently being used out of necessity (pockets galore necessity).

That purse hanging off my scooter tells no one anything personal about me at all. It shouldn’t. It’s just a purse. And you simply cannot judge a girl by her purse. “Can’t judge a book by its cover?” Can’t judge a girl by her purse. So in answer to the question, what can you tell about a girl by the purse she carries:

Absolutely nothing!

8 thoughts on “The Coach purse.

  1. I totally agree. I don’t have Coach purse. I have more Kate Spade and Vera Bradley purses. Plus a lot from Avon (my mom sells it and she gives me great deals when I find one that I like – therefore I have the same purse in many colors). I am VERY picky when it comes to a purse. I want completely open – no pockets. Because I carry several “make-up bags” in them with the things that I need in each. For example: one contains hand sanitizer, individual packets of flavors for water, and a flash light. Another carries my “rescue meds” (inhaler, anti-diarrhea meds, vomiting meds, migraine meds, Benadryl, and panic attack meds). I like my open purses and bags because I can change purses in about 2 minutes instead of moving everything to different pockets. And no matter which purse I have I can tell someone what color “bag” to look in for whatever in emergency situations.

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