An open letter to parents of abused children.

NOT MY SECRET...the journey towards healing from abuse

Dear parents,

I wish that we could all come together and declare a war on all pedophiles. A fight to bring them down. A fight to right all the injustices. A battle to stop these injustices from ever happening again. It is a fight that all the little 8 year old boys and girls who are being molested cannot do alone. It is a fight that the teenage boys and girls being violently raped cannot do alone. The abused should NOT have to wage this war alone. But often times they are…all alone. They are left to struggle through emotions and pain they don’t even understand. They wander, confused, often down paths that hurt them even further. They even purposely hurt themselves. I can promise you that if the victims of abuse did not have to do this on their own, their healing time would be greatly diminished! Their futures…

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4 thoughts on “An open letter to parents of abused children.

  1. I think it is important to differentiate between people who are paedophiles and people who are child sex offenders. Being a paedophile means that they have abhorrent thoughts towards minors but does not mean that they will necessarily commit any child sexual offences. A lot do, but some don’t. I watched a very insightful documentary a couple of years ago about a man who was a paedophile, had looked at inappropriate images but had not committed a sexual act with a minor. He explained that some paedophiles are horrified by their thoughts and do not want to commit offences. Some have even committed suicide because of their paedophile thoughts. Global attacks on paedophiles assuming that they will commit crimes means that these people have to keep their thoughts to themselves and deal with it alone. People who are paedophiles but have not committed an offence need access to support to prevent them from ever offending. There is an article about the documentary here

    What happened to you and far too many others is terrible, and I abhor child sex offenders as much as everyone else, but I also think it important to support paedophiles to not commit any offences.


  2. I feel your pain. Something I’ve noticed is that there is so much abuse going on in dysfunctional families. Families where the parents don’t have healthy emotional boundaries, and have their own unhealed wounds. It can all change if we are brave enough to each work on ourselves. Kudos to you for speaking out; for raising awareness.


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