Putting a face on abuse.

NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth

See this little girl? She was sexually abused. See that smile? See that innocence?


I was on social media this morning and a picture of a man with the title of pedophile was glaring me in the face. Someone posted it with the caption “Keep a look out for this pedophile.” Under that caption I saw that it had been viewed 4 million times. There were thousands of comments under the picture. I looked through some of them. There were endless, “Just let me get my hands on him,” and ” Wait til I find him and there will be nothing left,” and ” They will put me away for a long time if he ever crosses my path.” As I read through all of these comments one thing kept popping into my head, one thought, “You aren’t going to do anything, because no one does.” It is…

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5 thoughts on “Putting a face on abuse.

  1. I am so sorry that happened to you. It is disgusting that nobody helped. I want to tell you that there was ONE person who cared AND acted- my mom. I don’t ever remember talking about abused kids, but I used to bring abused kids home on the bus with me a lot. We were a foster home for newborns, and she volunteered many hours at a Lutheran Social Services. My husband was severely physically abused growing up, and nobody helped him, either. He even ran away and BEGGED the police to help him– NOTHING. It breaks my heart, and makes me want to cry. You are one very impressive woman, not to mention absolutely gorgous!

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      • She was an amazing woman, and the only reason I have survived this long. She died when I was 24, but she SHOWED me what unconditional love is, and what it means to love others, as you love yourself. You are an amazing human being with tremendous strength. I get inspiration from you, thank you.

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  2. “Letting little bits slip out here and there in hopes someone would hear the whispers of our little souls begging to be saved.” Spot on, Bethany. And when you grow up and let out more than a little bit, when you muster up the courage to let out the entire story…and no one does anything…painful.

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