A beautiful hawk.

A few days ago my daughter and I were out for a stroll and saw this same hawk we had seen a few weeks before in the same spot. He lets us walk right up behind him and just casually looks over his shoulder at us before he flies away. Whenever we are out for a walk and see such a bird it always feels like a gift. I appreciate all the blessings of my life including being able to watch this beautiful bird with my daughter. 

16 thoughts on “A beautiful hawk.

  1. Birds of prey are fascinating. I used to know a girl whose grandfather founded the enclosure for them here in the sanctuary out the back of the hills out of the city. I like owls. Nocturnal hunters pique my interest

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    • Beautiful. When we go for walks the Hawks are all around us. And the Owls never go too far from the area around our house. When my dog got cancer an owl came every night and I would sit outside and we would talk to him, me and the dog, and he would hoot at us. Yes, I did talk to the owl as if he could totally understand me ! It was actually very calming and soothing and I loved our nightly conversations. After my dog passed away I haven’t seen the owl but once but I hear him after I have gone to bed. I also have a little wren who visits my window in the mornings and pecks at it. I absolutely love love birds and always have. If I find a feather I add it to my collection. When my daughter and I did wildlife rehab we often would feed baby birds worms. It was a wonderful experience.

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