Are you filling your mind with garbage?

Anyone who has spent any time lately  on social media AKA Facebook and Twitter know that there is a lot of garbage. If you scroll through and read you will see countless angry, hateful, judgmental, words about anyone that does not believe what the other does. How much time do you spend reading hate? How much time do you spend reading anger? If you have watched the news which is now offered round the clock on certain channels you will be inundated with blood, gore, violence, and again hate and anger. How long do you allow your brain to absorb these things? Do you think it doesn’t get absorbed? It does. It soaks in. It fills your brain and mind with garbage that just turns to sludge that fuels parts of you that don’t need to be fueled. We KNOW what is going on. We are educated on the current events. There is nothing wrong with being educated on how our society is currently functioning. There IS something wrong with allowing it to consume you. Spending countless hours watching and reading negativity will undoubtedly start to affect you. Unplug and refuel your brain with cleanliness. If you were to look at your favorite thing, a picture, a bird, your child, a necklace, how does that make you feel? THAT is what you need to be filling your brain with, things that evoke a sense of calm and peace and love. I watch people as they are so “plugged in” to their devices that they disconnect from themselves and their families and their  “reality” becomes the news or the next text. There is no mindfulness in this. How are we to know what we REALLY feel when we have the residue of garbage always upon us from social media and news? We can’t. I’d like to know if I am sad because I am actually sad rather than feeling the weight of the negativity that I am allowing into my brain from scrolling through hate. Don’t allow it! You aren’t doing yourself any favors by staying constantly abreast of world events. Really, give your brain a day off and just let yourself be. You may be surprised at how reading and listening to other’s anger is actually affecting you. It affects me greatly, so I thought I would share in the wisdom that I have gained from just turning off the TV. 

11 thoughts on “Are you filling your mind with garbage?

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this. Today I switched off and went for a long walk, on my own, with just my thoughts and the outdoors and I felt better than I have in weeks. There’s a lot to be said for avoiding social media. Great read as always ❤


  2. I have never been a part of social media, which made blogging even scarier because I didn’t know what to expect. Reading a comment and writing a comment were very stressful for me. I did not follow the news or this election at all until the night of the election just to find out who won. This is the first year of my adult life that I did not vote at all. From what little I have heard, I am very glad I didn’t pay any attention. I gave up the news a long time ago. I too am very affected by it. I have enough fear and anxiety without allowing the media to fill me with more. I already have a hard enough time trusting people without constantly witnessing the worst of human behavior. This was probably the most sane advice I have heard so far. Everything in the news feels like just a bunch of manipulation and lies. And we certainly have had enough of that in our lives to fill a lifetime. Just watching a little on election night was very hard to stomach. This was great Bethany!


    • I am so glad you aren’t on social media. I was happy to leave it. I can relate to blogging. Putting yourself out there and wondering how the response will be. I am so fortunate to have had people like you that are so supportive and loving to me. The news affects me too.

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  3. Absolutely true..! Even the medias and news channels are either at the side of a single political party or a business person or a certain community..trusting or viewing even a single channel is equivalent to having views about everything in their it is like, you can not believe anything..we almost fail to distinguish between what is truth and what is is quite a shame when we believe in any of those entities around us blindly and engage ourselves for a while into it and immerse in the anger, fury and rage of it and then make our mind a place of muck..scavenging our minds and mindsets are spend a few time away from all those social medias and pages..

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