The owl.

This owl visited us in the front mimosa tree every afternoon. At night he sat in this big oak tree. For the entire time my dog Jessy, here with me in this picture, had cancer. I got so used to my daily/nightly visits with the owl that it wasn’t until after Jessy passed away that I realized he had gone. A few weeks after Jessy was gone the owl came back. I sat outside for at least an hour having a long conversation with this owl about losing Jessy and how broken hearted I was. He just sat there and looked at me more intently than any human had as I had discussed my grief. Owls are very good listeners!!!!

The Owls have been constants since we moved into our house 11 years ago. I think the neighbors at first thought I was a little odd. I sat outside in my front yard and lay under the tree in the grass every day. Then, I think they just got used to me being there and when I wasn’t they would see me out and ask where I had been. Before my muscle disease I would do yoga poses out there! In the last few years we just sit out with the dogs, all of us laying in the grass. Now neighbors stop by and visit. Only one sits in the grass with us. The others stand, which is fine with me. I know everyone isn’t a lay in the grass kind of person. 

 We are surrounded by birds here. They bring me great joy and peace. They have since I was a little girl. I used to sit out in the woods all by myself and watch the birds. Some things don’t change. I’m glad I have kept that part of myself. The part that sees a bird and feels for just a moment that everything will be just fine.

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