My story isn’t unique.

My story isn’t unique:

1. I was molested and no one was prosecuted for it. Common.

2. I was questioned and doubted after coming forward. Common.

3. Everyone chose to continue on with their lives as if nothing had happened to me. Common.

4. Many chose the side of the abuser. Many blamed me. Many stayed friends with the abuser. Common.

5. My family eventually abandoned me when they chose to live in denial and not validate me. Common.

6. The child molester has continue with his life un phased. Common.

7. I have flashbacks and PTSD. Common.

8. I see a therapist and psychiatrist to face and work through the ongoing aftermath of abuse. Common.

My story isn’t unique. We ALL have one or more of these things in common. The details of the abuse, age abuse occurred, description of the abuser, length of time the abuse occurred, may be different. But we ALL have these other things in common. Because they are all common. AND THEY SHOULDN’T BE!!!!!!!

1. I was molested and everyone should have fought for me, protected me, and taken the criminal DOWN.

2. I was questioned and doubted but everyone should have smothered me with love, validation, and support.

3.Everyone continued on with their lives when the should have stopped their lives as mine had been stopped to help me.

4. Many chose the abuser and NOONE should have chosen him. He should be alone, in prison, with NOONE.

5. My family abandoned me when hearing the truth. They should be right here holding me RIGHT NOW.

6. The molester should be in prison.

7. I shouldn’t HAVE PTSD or flashbacks because NOONE should EVER be molested in this society any longer. 

8. I see a therapist and a psychiatrist and I shouldn’t HAVE to but because someone else chose to molest me, I do. 

My story isn’t unique because we all have experienced the pitfalls, neglect, blame, disgrace of human kind in regards to the truth of abuse. But imagine if our uniqueness were filled with people doing the RIGHT thing after. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. But those people we cannot change. We cannot change the reaction we received. We cannot change the past, the people in it, or the ramifications of their inaction. But we can stick together and love each other, support each other, and show the world that in the face of doubt and blame and denial WE persevered and WE stood by one another. We are not alone in this. We have each other. 

7 thoughts on “My story isn’t unique.

  1. Seems to be the pattern and many more like us die on the streets each year. Our pain is of great inconvenience to many and our survival disgusts them. That we will not become like them or our attackers horrifies them. Many get wealthy off supposedly helping us and doing nothing but embellishing their own careers. The greatest open secret alongside the petrol engine.


  2. The focus of my therapy is to fill the void with myself and my spiritual connection. I’m working on not needling validation from others (extremely difficult to do) and validate myself. Starting to feel like a lifetime of work…


    • I am working on similar issues. Not needing others to make me feel protected or to stand up for me and to be able to do this on my own. It is proving much more difficult than I thought and like you said, the more I do therapy the more I realize I have a LOT to do. Some days it feels like the journey to heal form abuse that started when I was 8 is just now beginning because the after affects of it have just now peaked. And it feels overwhelming, the task to heal. I try to take it one day at a time but I get overwhelmed easily these days.

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