The squirrel. 


She stood at the living room window looking out for hours every day. She waited for the elusive squirrel to walk by. If she saw the squirrel she would shake all over because she wanted to chase it soooo badly. She would walk around the house, window to window, looking to see where that squirrel may be. We took the screen out of one of the windows in the back of the house and she often jumped out of the window if she saw a squirrel and instead of coming to the back door to come back in, she’d just jump in the window.  I loved seeing her leap out the window but seeing her leap back in was even better because it always caught me off guard. 

Excuse my sunning foot! But she LOVED to jump out the back window! 

We had a dog agility set outside in the back yard as well. 

We used to look out the window as Molly had jumped out the window to chase a squirrel, went out to pee, and then on the way back just jump the jumps in the agility set, just because she wanted to! She was like, oh there are jumps out here, YES, I’m gonna jump them all. 

But back to the squirrel watching. Every night I would get my electric wheelchair and she heard her collar jingle, instead of coming to the chair she would run to the living room window to check ONE more time for a squirrel! She ate twice as much as our other dog that had her beat by 20 lbs of weight. We figured she burned a thousand calories a day just waiting for squirrels to pass. 

In the winter time I leave the back deck door open so the dogs can come and go as they please and also let the cool breeze flow through. One day Molly was in her usual spot, looking out the living room window and my husband and I were in there with her when what do you know…a squirrel came IN the house through the open back door and walked up and stood right next to Molly looking out of the window. Molly glanced over, saw the squirrel, and she lost her mind!!!!! She started to run as fast as she could to get the squirrel but her legs had to have just run in place on the wood floor for a good five minutes! She just spun her wheels while the squirrel realized he was in a HOUSE next to a DOG and did what any logical squirrel would do and ran back out the back door. Molly finally made her way to the back door where the squirrel had disappeared. But THEN she was CERTAIN for the next 10 years of her life that that living room window not only meant squirrel outside but possible squirrel next to her. It was the worst possible reinforcement for her obsession! It just furthered it! Unfortunately, she never had another close encounter with a squirrel in the house. Not long after she did spend a ridiculous amount of time in stealth stalking mode and actually got within inches of a squirrel but when she got to him she had no idea what to do so he just ran up the tree and she looked back at me as if to say “well what was I supposed to do? I finally got him! But what was I supposed to do with him?” Well Molly, most dogs would have killed him. But deep down Molly was OM. She was more of a nature watcher and nature lover, not a nature killer. 

The moral of the story: Take time to lay in the sun and watch a caterpillar, feel the sun on your face, jump just because you can, watch squirrels passing by and always keep an eye on what is around you(face out of phone) because what you’ve been waiting for your whole life could be standing right next to you!

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