Posing squirrel

This little fella gave us some morning entertainment. If you don’t live in Florida/US, you may not know there are hundreds of these little guys running around at any given time in the neighborhood. When my daughter and I did wildlife rehab we fed these babies with tiny droppers and kitten formula. He posed all supermodel many times!

3 thoughts on “Posing squirrel

  1. Great shots. I rescued a baby a few years ago and took him to a wildlife rehab.

    Your squirrels look the same as the ones we have up here.
    At our house we had a couple who would come right up to our porch because we gave them peanuts. I miss that. Even the cats (ours and a neighbor’s) stopped chasing them and the cats would just lay there while the squirrel came to the door. lol

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      • The little guy I found was on a corner of a street. No adult/mom to be seen. In fact when I called the rehab they asked me about that.

        The people who do that are true angels. It was obvious they really cared about the animals an no doubt they were working around the clock. I’m grateful there is a place like that around here.


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