I find heroes in different places than most. I look up to, and admire someone, for different reasons than others. Credentials, certificates, physical beauty, and celebrity status are crossed off my list of applicant necessities.

My hero list includes those who fight for injustice, those who fight for ones who cannot fight for them self, those who give a voice to the silenced, those who love unconditionally, those who persevere in the face of challenge and adversity, and those who have genuine hearts. 

Countless women I met while volunteering in nursing homes were my absolute heroes. They were the silent heroes that never get recognition of any sort. I saw the hero in them though. They smiled. They found joy in even the simplest of thing. Most of them were forgotten in that nursing home but they did not lose themselves. They kept their dignity and grace and smiles on their faces and never gave up. Even in a place that tried to strip them of their dignity, a place that gave an individual zero worth, they were unscathed. They didn’t let the others break their spirit.They told me their life stories, their pain, their abuse, their loss, and never lost their ability to still love. Those women were my heroes. I think of them and it makes me want to push forward and not give up. A person that leaves you with an inner strength and rekindled perseverance, and a full heart is how a hero is supposed to make you feel. They don’t see themselves as heroes. They are too busy being humble to categorize them self as such, which makes them more of a hero to me. 

My old roommate lost his legs in an accident when he was a young boy. He grew up, went to the paraolympics, won a gold medal, got his degree in occupational therapy, and helps others on a daily basis. That is pretty high up on the hero status.Didn’t  give up, helps others, inspires others, stays humble through it all. 

A person with an invisible illness that chooses to open their eyes, and get out of bed, fighting through the constant discouragement and frustration and pain, is my hero.

There are so many heroes doing tiny tasks with huge ramifications, in thankless, yet impactful life changing jobs. Individuals who work in animal rescue, whose only job is to bathe a newly brought in animal. I spoke to one of these heroes last week. She had to bathe a dog who was had never been touched by a human other than to hit him. It took her hours for the dog to just let her get near him. She was the first person to ever show this animal compassion and love. She was a dog bather and she was my hero. 

I was laying on a bench at the mayo clinic on Friday. I was exhausted. I had been in a car 2 hours, fasted for labs, had two appointments already, and was trying to rest before my next appointment. A man working one of the front desks came over to me and brought me a blanket. He asked if I was cold. I was. He not only brought the blanket but unfolded it and very gently covered me with it, then told me he hoped I was ok and had a good day. He was my hero. He didn’t have to do that. He CHOSE to be compassionate and kind to me when I was feeling particularly weak and vulnerable. Isn’t that what a hero is! A person who shows kindness to a stranger for no reward.

Kind people are my heroes, loving people are my heroes. Courageous people are my heroes.

Those who run in when everyone else is running out, are my heroes. They are putting others before themselves. They are fighting for those trapped and afraid. They don’t do it for a pat on the back, they do it because in that moment, they care about helping someone else above anything else. 

The picture that I found on facebook above references jerseys and war veterans, showing a true hero doesn’t wear a jersey. The point of the picture is to remind people to be mindful of who they are putting on a pedestal. Be mindful of who they label a hero and give elevated status to. Be mindful of who we want to emulate. These men and women who fight for us are my heroes.

I have a very long list of heroes that have crossed my path. Each of them have touched my soul with their courage, selflessness, humility, and love. Heroes are walking around everywhere and you will find them in some of the most unlikely places. Their acts of kindness do not go unnoticed by me. Their inner strength to keep on trying, fighting, moving forward, does not go unnoticed by me. Most of the blog posts that I read on wordpress are FULL of heroes, you just don’t see yourselves that way. You put your heart and soul out there to help others. You write about your struggles, your secrets, the hands that have tied you, and you write about your failures, challenges, and inner most fears. You are my heroes. You have broken the silence that has bound so many. That takes courage. That takes a hero. 

10 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. God bless them. I hope their communities never forget them. I hope these men always look out for each other and their people. Lest we forget. May our systems not bury them in obscurity

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