Today I didn’t make the bed.

Today I didn’t make the bed. I was pretty sure the world was going to end. But it kept on spinning. Who else ALWAYS had to make their bed?! If you didn’t make the bed “the whole house is a mess.” It’s funny the mindless things a person does based on what they were raised to do, and what they were raised to think. Some of these things were valuable lessons instilled. But strangely enough, not making one’s bed is not the end of the world. Who knew!!!

16 thoughts on “Today I didn’t make the bed.

  1. He he. This makes me smile because my husband is obsessed with having to make the bed before the day can really start. Whereas I like to pull the covers back and say “i’ll leave it to air”. Then at night time I just hop in and pull the covers over me … that is, if hubby hasn’t got there first and made the damned thing.

    There is another problem of course: if you make your own bed apparently you must lie in it!


    • LOL!!!! I just discovered this!!! If it is unmade you can just hop back in at any time!! Darn bed makers. They are so frustrating! I’m like your husband!!! But I am trying to break my ways 🙂


  2. I freak out when someone doesn’t make my guest bed back up when they leave, but of course, even when they do…I strip the bed and remake it with clean sheets and blankets. I used to make my bed every single day, but 2016 has been hard on me. I’ve spent a lot of time in bed. So I gave up. It’s easier to go back to bed when it is unmade.

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    • Making a guest bed would be something I would consider respectful. I would hope if someone were using my guest bed, they would make it, even if, like you said, Id wash the sheets anyway.
      I also spend a lot of time in bed this last year.

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  3. I never used to make my bed. When I was little my mom did all the chores, we did virtually nothing related to chores…except when I was 13 I had to do dishes after school.

    Even as an adult I didn’t generally make my bed. I slept on a futon for years (with a frame) and would leave my bed just like yours is in this picture.

    But then Mr. B came along and he always made his bed. He never told me I should or anything, but I credit him with setting an example and now I have made my bed for years.

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  4. Great post – amusing. My mother always said: If you don’t make your bed, you’ll never keep your husband.” Weird, really. I went through a period where I didn’t make it just to defy her – lost my husband. Now that I am confined to bed, I make it every morning as a way to discern between night and day.


    • I actually usually do the same since I spend so much time in my bed. I just thought I’d see how it felt to leave things in disarray. Was an interesting experience just with a bed that’s for sure! Ive found moms sure do have a lot to say in the bed making realm!

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  5. I have tried not making the bed but it stresses me out beyond belief. I always end up going to make it because it just feels wrong to leave it all messy. I guess because that is one thing I knew I better do when I was little or their would be consequences.

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