Breaking up monotony.

When you have a chronic illness, or someone in your family does, or you both do, life is like the groundhog movie. Same routine, same, same same, every day. 

To break up the monotony, our friend/neighbor, brought over her dogs for us to love on.  They were all over my daughter with kisses and love. They were camera hogs.Animals bring such joy:

After the dogs left we decided to drive around at dark, just through the neighborhood, and take pictures in front of some Christmas lights:

Leaving the house is a challenge for MANY with chronic illnesses, anxiety, PTSD, etc. Just going around the block personally made me feel much better. I left the repetition of what I do around the house to pass the time during the day. 

I STOPPED a few times, breaking my routine of the day, to look at this beauty that keeps blooming and blooming and blooming:

Which just required me to step out side a few times. While there I always smell this:

The tiniest of flowers with the most powerful of smells. It is a teaolive tree.

I have found that if I do not do these little things, then when the sun sets, I feel like life has gone by one more day, that I haven’t lived. So even if I just smelled a flower it is SOMETHING. Even if I just took a moment to look at my blooming camellia, it is something. If I don’t break up the monotony then I spiral into a deep dark world of depression. I know this, so I try my best to feed my soul with a few moments throughout each day that don’t involve routine, or feeling trapped in my house.

Last night was pretty miserable. I didn’t sleep well. I woke up at least 5 times to at least 5 nightmares, violent nightmares. I feel like I had a series of bad naps and now I have bad dream residue. I have lay here in bed now for hours feeling the residue. So I could get up and do the groundhog day of routine, but I think I will skip it and go directly outside in my pjs and smell that flower. 

5 thoughts on “Breaking up monotony.

  1. I am very impressed by you, I have a similar history and now a chronic illness and your words just made me realize I should make more of an effort to break up the monotony. Because I do have a routine and I get bored and irritated. So thank you for putting this on here! It definitely opened my eyes

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