21 thoughts on “My daughter”s voice

    • POTS causes a high heart rate and dizziness and feeling faint. When she sings her heart rate goes even higher and the way you use your breath/breathing to sing, can make her feel more faint. So she cant stand, she has to sit to sing.


    • Thank you!!
      That happens to me! I wonder where someone is and I haven’t seen them in my newsfeed and somehow they just got unfollowed. I think, at least for me, wordpress has many glitches. Some posts don’t even show up in the news feed. Thank you for following me 🙂

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    • I just shared with her your comment! Made her day! Thank you. She was definitely blessed with a talent. When she has recovered from POTS she wants to take voice lessons. And do theater in college. I think she would do just awesome!

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      • I think so too! Aw I’m so glad I could return the smile…I love that lil mermaid song and belt it out myself when I’m alone sometimes lol. Good luck with your recovery kiddo. Never give up on your dreams. Xoxo

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