Dumped in a box.

My sweet Jessy was dumped in a box at 5 weeks old.


Oh my gosh who could leave such a precious boy, so tiny! But his life in a box was short lived.

He was immediately loved by a little girl and what is better than that! He was also loved by the rest of our family.


He had cozy beds everywhere.


He very quickly became my constant companion.

He had a life full of digging for moles, laying in the sun, jumping over jumps in the back yard with our other dog Molly, and pretty much having the best life ever.

He had some challenges along the way.

A few surgeries for tumors, but he bounced back pretty quickly.

He resumed chasing lizards, lounging with his “babies” and sunning in the front yard.

Jess got dumped. He got put into a box and dumped just like garbage. But he was anything but garbage. He was one of the greatest things I have ever had the opportunity to love and be loved by. He was incredibly special. Not much compares to this diamond of a dog.

You can be dumped. You can be put in a box. You can be treated like garbage. Those things do not define you. You are special. You are worthy of being loved and loving. You can climb out of that box and have an amazing life. There will be set backs. But getting out of the box is the first step. You are not what someone else deemed you to be. You are much more than that. Feel the sun on your face and remember that no one else defines you.Your past does not define you. It may be a part  of your story, but it does not make up all the parts of who you are. You are not destined to remain in a dumped box. Your destiny is far greater.

25 thoughts on “Dumped in a box.

  1. Sadly most of us , just like the puppy, need a hand getting out of the box. However with the right helping hands getting out of the box and into a wonderful new life in a safer world is so uplifting. Hugs

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  2. Aww you poor kid…I lost a dog buddy last yr too. He was poisoned by some local kids. I don’t understand why ppl delight in causing others pain but…he was awesome. Still hard to look at his pics tho. He was a German shepherd and if you need a dog buddies to help like that I recommend that breed for sure. So sorry for your loss. Xoxo

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  3. I am sorry you lost your friend. It always hurts. However I would remind you of the grand 13.5 wonderful years you did give him. Such a life he wouldn’t have had if you had not found him. Often when we have rescued older cats, they die in a few years. However we console ourselves with the knowledge that we gave them a home full of love, where they could be happy and comfortable and safe, without fear. We lost a wonderful greyhound which Ron rescued from death at a dog race track. We gave her the best life she could have had for 8 years. Then she suffered a heart attack and died. Ron was so hurt. He cried and stayed in bed for three days. He only came out of his pain when someone mentioned to him she wouldn’t have lived if he and his friends had not acted so quickly and illegally to save her. She had a grand life. In fact the night before she died we gave her a little of our thanksgiving dinner. She was a lady and never came in the dining room to beg, but knew if she waited we would offer her a little bit of what we had. My point is you have to remember the great life you gave them and took only love in return. Which really is the best return. Again I am sorry for the pain you went through and I don’t want to minimise it. I just want to honor you for saving that life when no one else did. Be well. Hugs


    • How kind. Thank you. We do talk of that often. How our dogs had a wonderful life, how we saved them from being abandoned. We lost our other dog a year ago to old age. Having lost both has been very hard! She was in awful shape when we rescued her with infections no mange. She and jess had great lives.
      A few weeks ago we looked at a greyhound right off the track. I was appalled at the injustice done to this dog for human entertainment and money. I wasn’t ready to adopt yet so we kept looking but we need more time. It just isn’t right yet. But I’m glad your greyhound knew love. That’s all that really matter.

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  5. I love dogs too. I had four, but two died. Now I have two white dogs, malti-Pooh’s
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger this week. I was his featured blogger too. Maybe you can check out my blog. I blog about blogging tips like increasing traffic.


    • What? I was? What day was that on? I didn’t even see that and I follow him every day.
      I miss my dogs greatly. They have both passed in the last year and not a day goes by that I don’t miss them.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I willl check yours out now.

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