Presence in parenting

When my daughter was a little tiny thing, we spent every night going down a slide in our living room. She didn’t love going down the slide as much as she loved laughing at me going down the slide. Watch the happiness on her face…..20 years ago.

Yesterday she wasn’t feeling well. I was sitting on the deck with her and decided to entertain her by singing to the neighbors. Listen to her laughing in the background as she was videotaping me (ignore the awful singing, that wasn’t the point),

Did you hear her laugh? In both videos I was just being silly but I was also being present. Our children need our presence. Watch a video that they want you to watch, listen to their favorite song if they ask, sit outside with them if they want you to, draw with them, listen to what they want you do with them. They are telling you. Are you listening.  Go down the slide with them and sing your heart out to neighbor . Just be present. It is what our children need most.

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