statistics on abuse
Link to an undercover operation done in my town. Watch the video linked to it.
The statistics on how many get sexually assaulted is so inaccurate. This article above gives some real numbers.  I wish there were an accurate number. I wish we could take a private poll across the nation. Send a poll to every household and ask to confidentially write if that person had been molested, raped, at any point in their life. The whole…1 out of 4 would be out the window. it would be 3 out of 4 or 4 out of 4. Then would society change? Would that number open the eyes to all of those living in denial? If you knew your little boy or little girl had almost a 100 percent chance of being molested would you do anything differently? The percentages are higher than anyone could ever imagine. We dont have an accurate number because most people never tell. The never report it. They never tell another soul. They become a silent statistic. One of the millions of the silent ones. Those who never tell anyone live an isolated life thinking that they are the only one. They think no one will be able to relate. They think they will be judged, they will be shamed, or are too embarrassed to admit what someone has done to them. I understand. The words are hard to speak. They are hard to type. I am here to tell you that you are not alone. If you were able to speak of what happened to you, I am so proud of you. The courage and bravery that takes are enormous.

In our town of Gainesville, here is an excerpt from the article above.

“GAINESVILLE, Fla. – More than 20 men — most of them from the Gainesville area — were arrested in the past week as part of Operation Panther, an undercover sting aimed at catching offenders who solicit children for sex.

The operation, which netted 21 arrests, was led by the Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, or ICAC, which is headquartered at the Gainesville Police Department.

The 21 men were rounded up in a five-day multiagency sting. They were arrested after agents posed as young teens on the Internet and agreed to meet the men for sex.

Each of the 11 agents had a total of between 100 and 200 contacts on social media sites, like Craigslist. That’s 2,200 people in five days who were interested in talking about sex with someone underage online.”
In JUST 5 days 2200 people. In my small town. 21 were arrested. But what of the other thousands? They were targeting children! Children!!!!! Even if each one of these people molested 2 children in their lifetime. That is a lot of children. Staggering numbers. Eye opening numbers. These people were soliciting sex of children. How horrific! But no different than most of us has endured as victims of sexual abuse, right? But we think we are the only ones. We aren’t. There are thousands every day who aren’t caught and leave victims that are unable to report it.

“Undercover” because these pedophiles live secret lives and have to be caught by undercover officers. These pedophiles are masters of molesting and keeping it a secret, binding their victims in fear and chains. I know the feeling well.

If you take that number  of. 2200 and multiply that in every single town in our entire state what would it be? The nation? These 2200 people sought out online. Why do you think they did that? Because they didn’t have anyone close enough at home? Or maybe they did and needed more. They are predators of the worst kind.

The man who molested me was a pilot. He flew all over the united states. I was NOT the only little girl he molested. No one reported it, but I know he did. They never stop at one. These 2200 should show you that they don’t stop at one.

Victims have been silenced. I was silenced. So I am not part of the 1 out of whatever number is current to the number of women who will be molested in their lifetime. But my number counts. Every person counts. They may not be part of some nationwide stat but they still matter. You still matter. If you are one of the silent ones, and want to release that burden, I am here. I am always here to listen. You are not alone.

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