The whole crying in Santa’s lap needs to stop

I have seen picture after picture of children sitting on Santa’s lap crying. Facebook is full of parents posting these “funny” crying child in Santa’s lap pictures and I find NOTHING about it humorous. Why is it funny to force your child onto someone’s lap and make them cry? Why is this a proud parent moment to share with the world? Great, you made your kid cry. Bravo! 

But let me tell you what you really did. You took one teeny tiny piece of trust away from your child. You took one teeny tiny piece of their instinct away. You gave them fear. You gave them sadness. You taught them that you will not only NOT protect them from what they are afraid of, you will force it upon them. For a PICTURE. To LAUGH about!  It isn’t funny to me. I look at these pictures and feel nausea flood my body. I see a man, in a suit, that you don’t know, that your child is now sitting on, and I see not one positive thing that has come from it. 

I am commenting here on the crying children. I understand what the joy and excitement over Santa can bring a child. I have seen children in the mall run up and leap on Santa’s lap. They gush about everything they want to Santa and it is a moment in their childhood memory of magic. I still am not thrilled about it. Im not thrilled at the idea of teaching a child that in this ONE particular instance, it is okay to sit in a mans lap you don’t even know. 

At this point in my life, with everything I know, everything I have experienced, everything others have shared with me, I am not sold on sitting on the Santa’s lap concept. If your child wants to meet Santa then go up to Santa, have your child sit in your own lap and sit next to Santa. Or have your child sit next to Santa. IF THEY WANT TO. 

But please. Stop putting your screaming child in Santa’s lap. I PROMISE you, it isn’t worth that picture you think is so funny. Your child deserves better. 

My daughter was petrified of Santa, but curious about him. She watched from afar. She wanted  nothing to do with Santa. She loved the mystery and the reindeer. She enjoyed leaving a note with cookies and milk.  I never would have coerced or convinced her to go against her own instinct about sitting in his lap or even meeting him. Come on guys..It is a man. Hired. In a suit. I wont just assume every Santa out there is a secret pedophile, BUT what a wonderful job that would be for one now wouldn’t it. Oh they did a background check and he is fine you say? Background checks don’t matter because most sexual abuse goes unreported! Most pedophiles are getting away with it every single day. The man who molested me is still alive, and could very well be Santa. Who knows. 

Embrace Santa or don’t. Just remember to teach your children boundaries with EVERYBODY including Santa and respect their choice to not sit in his lap.  And please, no more crying pictures. It literally hurts my soul. 

Everyone on social media this time of year is up in arms over their right to say Merry Christmas. Honestly, I don’t care what you say. Half my family is Jewish, half Christian, and I am not offended by a greeting. I am more affected by parenting choices that don’t respect the child. Maybe a little more focus can be shifted to that.

12 thoughts on “The whole crying in Santa’s lap needs to stop

  1. Never really thought about it like that, but then again…I don’t have children of my own. Santa has come to visit Dakota, but because of his physical limitations Santa has always stood behind, squatted beside, or some sort of thing like that for his photos.

    It’s interesting that you posted this. We just had a local news story that a convicted child molester played Santa for a local organization and is now facing more charges. Guess background checks don’t always work.


  2. you are right…..and i feel exactly the same way……..its the little things…..that slowly and strongly shapes someone……..and these are the things people take advantage of……….glad you wrote this post….someone had to say something… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  3. I think this falls in line with respecting children’s boundaries. My SIL is very good at this. When people are like “give me a kiss goodbye” to my niece – and my niece says no – my SIL will go “she doesn’t feel like it today. Say goodbye !” And she doesn’t make her touch people she doesn’t want to touch but still reinforces you need to be polite. I love it and think it falls right in line with the Santa thing.

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  4. I’ve never even realized any of this before… While reading, I found myself agreeing with you 100%. It makes so much sense. Thanks for this post. It will come in handy when I have my own kids someday (if I ever do).

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