A 2 am stroll.

I wrote a little poem in my driveway at 2 am after I took a stroll around the block. Ive never gone around the block without my dogs. It was so dark, and quiet. Not as comforting as a midnight dog stroll. These are the lights are on my scooter. Here is my poem: 

The night air is thick with humidity. 

It is stale as sweat drips down my back. 

My hair is curling in ringlets around my face

Sticking to my skin. 

The air conditioning was suffocating me

The midnight air is stifling.

A night bird sings me a song. 

I didn’t know night birds could sing.

She flew right past me so I now know she does exist.

I guess that means I do too.
Listen, you can hear her…


2 thoughts on “A 2 am stroll.

  1. That’s cool. I’ve heard birds at night too. Now I know I’m not crazy…well at least not for hearing birds.

    As for the heat and humidity…come on up here for a break from that. And no air conditioning necessary. It snowed here a little last week and over the weekend. Lots of fresh cold air here. lol

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