A question.

How do you know if it is acceptance or if you have just given up?
I accept therefore I will not try?

I accept therefore I will not fight?

In acceptance is there peace?

In acceptance is there settled?

Acceptance feels a lot like failure.

How does one find peace in acceptance?

16 thoughts on “A question.

  1. Acceptance is the point of recognition: this is what is. It means no more denial. It can be a starting place – acceptance being nonjudgmental.
    Resignation is giving up. Does that make sense?


  2. I got as far as, I accept therefore I will not fight? This is one have to give attention to on a semi regular basis.
    For me acceptance is admitting and acknowledgement. Also discovering the triggers that could permanently strap me with the “I don’t give a f**k” mind set. I still go there, but now the difference is I know I need to get the hell out ASAP. THIS IS THE BIG ONE & IT CAN BE A BIT CORNY. TRULY KNOWING THAT ACCEPTANCE IS A HUGE DEAL! IT’S NOT EASY, SO… CONGRATS.


  3. The way I can tell the difference between acceptance and other forms of surrender is – when I have achieved acceptance, I stop dreaming about the situation. Not necessarily that I sleep peacefully, but for any given situation that I have a lack of acceptance, it shows up in my dreams. I’m sure that it doesn’t work for everyone, but I’m also sure it isn’t only me.


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