Comparisons and perspectives.

When you compare your situation to someone else’s, you will always find someone worse. That doesn’t make your situation any less intense for you at that moment. Don’t compare. Just validate that for you, for now, based on no one but yourself, it is hard. Don’t invalidate yourself by comparison. It helps with perspective in the big picture, but in the here and now, this is real. Comparisons and perspectives are good and have a purpose. But no one is walking in your shoes but you. And if those shoes have rubbed a blister, then it’s ok to admit it hurts. 

6 thoughts on “Comparisons and perspectives.

  1. I had a therapist a long time ago that pointed this out to me. I was comparing myself to others who had it worse and minimizing my own pain. He helped me understand all those years ago, exactly what you wrote here.

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  2. All the month of December, I’ve been receiving confirmations that choices I made since last December has shaped where I am today. This is one of the very first confirmations and affirmations that I needed to know that where I was headed was curtailed just for ME.

    Today, I am truly thankful for your blog, your life, and your sharing!

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