13 thoughts on “Florida weather

  1. Lol…the box fan, I saw it but it didn’t truly register. I was so hypnotized by the sound of the rain.
    So jealous of your weather right now. It’s certainly not as cold as it could be here, but it’s not anything like it is there. All our trees are bare too…except the pines and the holly berries of course.


    • Today is a little more gloomy but overall I am glad we always have green here and most days there is some sunshine. Yeah, that box fan! I just wonder how long it will sit there before my husband tosses it in the garbage! I’m guessing a very long time! The motor burned up and I woke up to a room filled with smoke so I opened the window and threw it out! Fortunately there was a breeze that day and my room aired out quick. Box fan drama! Now I laugh because it is out there.

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      • THANK YOU!!!!! Yeah it set off brain alarms and I tossed it out the window and put a fan in the window to suck it out. It smelled awful. My therapist said this is what fight or flight is supposed to do. You get alarmed for the right reason, toss the fan, clear the air, then you feel calm again. So it was a great exercise in what my brain is supposed to do but has no idea how to do with other triggers in daily life that are PTSD related.

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  2. I love the summer showers in florida afternoons. The day has started warm, gets hot and sticky, then comes a quick hard rain to cool it down, reset the temp and the afternoon. Hugs


      • Oh please don’t be gloomy. Life is full of changes, both the ones we want and the ones we would rather not have. But life is an adventure and even when we are about to go over the cliff…the hero shows up to swing in and save the damsel ( or mansel ) . My hero once I met him has always swung to my rescue, even when I did not even need him to. I know you have your own hero. Hugs.


      • We both have husbands who have saved us! See we have a lot in common this is great advice.
        I didnt actually mean i felt gloomy i meant the outside was overcast and chilly, not sunny and looked gloomy. Im not gloomy myself 🙂 just anxiety issues today but those come and go. Havent been able to break the anxiety cycle for a number of days now

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