What do you see in this picture

I had a very spiritual moment and came home, sat outside,with some acrylic paints, which I do not know how to use, and I painted this. 

What do you see? How does it make you feel? The bottom right is just a shadow as i was taking the picture.

35 thoughts on “What do you see in this picture

  1. Lovely work, Bethany! (You do *too* know how to use acrylics. πŸ™‚ ) For me it evokes clouds and wind-tossed seas, but the figure in the center gives it all a sense of stillness and calm … like it’s going to be OK.

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  2. I see a woman, sleeping, waiting for the winter to pass. (This exercise reminds me of Gestalt therapy – what we see is a projection of self.) Good for you for painting this – an art form I would love to attempt.

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  3. I am sorry I can not answer. Either because of my own past or for some reason I don’t know. I did like in the HBO show West World they said that hosts couldn’t see what would hurt them. The main Character said he gave them that. Oh goes I wish someone had give that to me , in my dreams at night. Hugs

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