When armadillo go crazo

We thought a possum was just walking up to us as we were sitting on the deck but no, it was an armadillo that hopped at my daughter and we screamed! Then he and I had a heart to heart and he vacated the premises. But we have laughed and laughed about his visit while she videoed him!

8 thoughts on “When armadillo go crazo

    • Weve got some serious animal activity going on in our backyard. Tonight there were two raccoons fighting and i went out there and one had run up a tree. I was like guys…go elsewhere!!!! We have a perfectly empty acre right next to us, go fight there! He just stared at me from up in the tree like i was a crazy person talking to a raccoon, and I may very well be!

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      • We have a road behind us with houses and then beyond that is a huge prairie preserve. There is a dirt road through it to get to houses on the other side. There are TONS of animals, coyotes, there was a bear once in our neighborhood, we have foxes that come every year to the acre next to us that is empty. When we had dogs it was a freaking mess. We would let them out to pee at 11 and there would be a fox or raccoon or something that my one dog would chase, then they’d get into a brawl. Molly would always come back injured but thinking she protected us somehow and I think that made her even more vigilant! So we’d have to bathe her and tend to her wounds. It was crazy. Now that they are gone we just kind of watch it all. Once i was visiting my neighbor and was in my electric wheelchair and I drove down the sidewalk and was face to face with a coyote. It was one of my top coolest moments. Obviously he could have killed me. But he just stood there and we stared at each other. He had yellow eyes. Then he just loped off. Was so freaking cool. No one else thought it was cool though!!! So many people cut their trees down back in our neighborhood. Like everyone of their fully wooded acres. And we left all of the trees. We have a few trees that are over 100 years old. I think the animals like it here. By far I love the owls the most. They have their babies in our. Back trees every year. So we used to let the dogs run through the prairie preserve down the dirt road to my friends house back there. We’d let them out and drive and they would run through it, it was before it was deemed a wild life preserve and was just a prairie. Once there was an alligator, just popped out in the road. We panicked. The dog jumped right over the alligator like it was a log. Crazy shit happens back here that’s for sure!

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      • Did you see my other post? Same armadillos day, a raccoon climbed under the deck, my daughter videoed that and a bird flew in the house. I think it’s titled nature? We live in the US though.


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