Ebb Tide

I cleaned my closet and found this:

Oh my, I was so tiny!!! And my head was so big!

I thought I had sent all of these things back to my parents and was surprised to discover a plastic bin with some things in it stuffed in the back of my closet.

Little me ! 

I started waterskiing when I was 4. I did my first ski show when I was 7. I found a yearbook stashed in the bin. Here I am in the yearbook (blocked out my brother’s face), everything was about skiing. I was 15 hear with my brother.

On the other side of the page was an article about my brother and me and all of our waterskiing accomplishments at the young age of 15. 

So I started looking through the yearbook. I was quite surprised to read some of it. There were a lot of boys who apparently “loved me to death”. I wonder what I thought when I read this in the year book later. You know we all went home and read all of the notes and got excited about the personal touches our friends would leave. 

Then there were the bullies who somehow made it into my year book. I wonder if everyone had there share of bullying in middle school/highschool. Or if it was just a few select. 

I seemed to get a fake apology on the last one which I was then called a “bitch again”.  I assure you I was never a “bitch” to anyone The most shocking thing I read was this. It was written by my teacher! And then another one by a teacher. This seemed ever so inappropriate/fixated/etc. 

Yeah buddy, I was only 14 in that old year book and nothing about me should have stuck in your mind. I’m telling you…..they’re everywhere….creepy!

This teacher thanked me for being a friend. Not really sure how I could be a friend to a grown man teacher at 15 but apparently I was. 

I wonder, do the “popular” kids reminiss when they look at their yearbooks. Ah the good ole days? Hmm. 

Waterskiing was my life though. In the little yearbook article it talks about how we skied year round, which we did. 

The swivel ski was the hardest ski I had to master. Skiing didn’t come easy to me. To master the swivel ski, climb a pyramid on the water, and do doubles with a guy, it required constant tension on the muscles. If  one muscle went weak, you would fall, the pyramid would fall, or you’d fall and take a guy down with you. I did what is called showskiing. We put on a show. We wore costumes and bright flashy make up. I skied every day on the swivel ski to master it. I even tied a bungee cord to a tree and practiced when I had no one to pull me behind the boat. Everything was hard about that ski. Where you put your foot in, the binder, spun 360 degrees. Just stepping off the dock onto the water and not falling was a challenge for me. The swivel ski:

You’ll have to look at it awhile to realize exactly what I am doing. The boat is to the right of me and I am turned around backwards. 

Doubles was my favorite. I found this picture stuffed and folded in my baby book. This was taken at a ski show I did one summer when I was 16 in Indiana. 

I loved being in the air. It still think about doubles and how much I loved it. This act, if you became a weak noodle you not only fell but took your guy down too. I miss doing doubles. 

I worked in Indiana one summer when I was 16 and one summer when I was 17 in Canada doing ski shows. After I quit highschool and got my GED (you know, when all of the bad stuff happened) I got a job at Seaworld with their ski team. I was just discussing with my husband how during that summer I slept in my car most nights in the back dirt parking lot for employees of Seaworld. I would get up in the morning and shower at work. I rarely ate that summer. When I finished that job and came back to do college I decided I wanted to be a model. I have no idea if I really decided this, or my mom wanted me to. I can’t remember at all. But my mom took the money I made from a Mcdonald’s commercial when I was 8 to pay for these absolutely awful pictures. 

The only modeling job I could have gotten with these pictures would have been for some sleeze lingere company! They were all like this and worse. Ends up the modeling agencies said my nose was too big to ever be anything. So that summed up my modeling career. I dumped that idea and went to college getting a degree in Early Childhood Education.

This was stuffed next to my baby book with the other pictures. 

Ebb tide. My nana’s favoite song. She taught me this on her organ and somehow I saved her music book. I still find myself humming this song. It will just pop into my head out of the blue. I played it hundreds of times for her. She would sit at the kitchen table, look out over the lake, and listen to me play it over and over and over again. I smelled the book. It still had the faint smell of her house. I breathed it in so deeply that when I breathed out I was lightheaded. I smiled thinking about her. Through everything, every single thing that ever happen, I still have Ebb Tide and my Nana. 

13 thoughts on “Ebb Tide

  1. Wow this is great. Well bittersweet I’m sure too. But these old pics are so much fun to look at because it’s a piece of the past.

    I don’t know what it is but I’m fascinated with older photos even though, relatively speaking, these aren’t so old. lol. But really my point is that it doesn’t even matter if I don’t know the people in the photos I like to look at what’s going on, try to put a story to the people, wonder what their life was like. What they did right after the photo was snapped, etc.

    I used to work for a company where we transferred old media onto newer media. Like old film onto VHS tape..this was 1995-2000. I used to transfer people’s film from their 35mm and other film cameras and put them on Kodak photo CDs. Of course this was before we could do it ourselves.

    I can’t tell you how many old 8mm films I saw/transferred that had the water skiers from Sea World doing their thing. And now, I can’t believe I kind of know one. lol.

    As for the pervy teacher that signed your yearbook…yeah we had predators among us in my high school. There was a music teacher who was into partying with the students. He was married but had an affair with at least one student.

    I only had him for a study hall one year. And one particular day he had called my name while I was apparently concentrating on something else and it didn’t register right away. But just as it did, I looked up, put my hand up and at that same moment, I heard him say in a low voice, as he was scanning the room, “Where’s cutie?”

    Ok so at the time I was flattered. He was a good looking dude. Young as teachers go. But now, I know better. Predators really are everywhere.


    • Oh I remember this teacher and he was very good looking. I am sure I read that and thought nothing of it except ooooh the good looking teacher liked me. We had tons of scandal where a teacher slept with a student, a mom of a student slept with a student. Tons of scandal. But yeah, looking back. You realize they were creepos.
      That is way cool you used to transfer all of that. Yes! You know a seaworld skier now! We are buds!
      It’s funny because I love old pictures too. I look at them harder than I look at pictures now. I wonder the same things you wonder. What was everyone doing, what was that person thinking, what happened right after. Im glad I stumbled across it in the depths of the pit of my closet!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh please keep the box. Keep all of it. Even if it is hard to look at now, in time it may one day be a link you treasure. Did you ever ski at Cypress Gardens? We went there several times before they closed. I hate they became legoland.

    Anyway we all had pervs I guess. The only one to come after me who got even part way close, had no chance. Already being abused at home I was kept on a tight leash and when he showed an interest the powers that be shut down all access. I had to lie and sneak just to get a hour at the local in town library before running like mad for home.

    I hope the memories did you some good. After all they are mostly good. They show you as you were, strong, athletic, happy as you could be, adventurous. Grand. Plus in time you can share them with others close to you as you have done with us.

    Be happy and stay well. Hard as it is. Best wishes and Hugs.


    • Yes, I did ski at cypress gardens, but not as a job. We did our competitions there and there were always stands full of people. I loved it there. It was beautiful.
      I am glad to hear that one person was kept at bay from you. One person less is a good thing. I am sorry you went through the abuse at home. It must be such a stark contrast to have lived like that and now to have such a loving protective husband. I am glad you have love in your life.
      yes, I do have good memories. There is always good intermingled in the bad, sometimes we just have to dig deep and search for it. I may keep it. My daughter and husband have seen it and they are all that really matter. But maybe my daughters daughter will one day want to see them. Either way they will live long on my blog!

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