Psychology # 30 : Rationalization

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Rebellious Scapegoat

This is a common pattern for not only abusers, but also general public.

Made me frustrated / Sad when I noticed people rationalize things that go wrong or obviously problematic.

For example, when somebody was abused, outsiders may rationalize the things as “Oh, he has a tough day / job so he just unable to control.  At the end, he is the human right?” BS!

Or when I heard people try to cover up their friends / partners / love one for crime / mistakes, they tend to rationalize the situation, downgrade the damage that brings up and try their best to make excuse for their wrong behavior.

Came up to me about Michael Jackson’s case, many people just adore him so much and choose to rationalize his story, though there are so many evidences exists.

Do you agree?

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