Surrounding myself with good. 

NOT MY SECRET...the journey towards healing from abuse

I have many things in my home that make me smile when I see them. We don’t have a “theme” to our decorating. We have a “that makes me feel good to look at” style

I have this on a shelf in my room. My daughter drew it when she was just a teenie tiny thing. It makes me smile 15 years going strong.

These pictures were drawn by my daugther’s good friend. We hung them in the hall. I look at them multiple times a day and smile.

Owls, elephants, wolves… I adore looking at these animals. The owl has been a staple in our yard for years now. He has a mate and they raise their young in our back tree. We have spent more hours than I can count sitting outside listening to them. We can hear them all night in bed and I love it.


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