Combo of the movie Finding Dory and the Golden Globes tonight

Christmas day my husband and daughter and I watched Finding Dory. I found it very endearing. I won’t ruin the ending if you haven’t seen it.But I will say that  Dory’s family never gives up. They don’t judge her for being different. They love her through it. They teach her ways to cope. And when they lose her, the never ever give up trying to find her. Wow. That movie has stayed with me the last few weeks. Hearing the words that Dory’s parents said to her are what all children need to hear. All children need to know they are loved and they need to be told it and shown it. How can a seemingly simple cartoon grasp what humanity does not. 

Tonight I was watching the Golden Globes. I have no particular reason for watching this other than my daughter found it on TV. I listened to some of the actors and actresses thank their family. They thanked brothers, mother, fathers, siblings and more. The reasons they gave for thanking them were all because their family gave them undying everlasting support and love no matter what. That is what family is supposed to do. Some of these actors came from poverty. Their families had nothing, but hope. They instilled that hope into their children that they could fulfill their dreams. And their children now thanked them when they won their awards. This wasn’t about movie stars, money, fame, or being entitled. This was about one woman thanking her parents for never giving up on her. That is what I listened to. 

How must that feel? I would not know. I don’t know what it feels like to be fought for, to be encouraged, to be lifted, and to know that no matter what I will be loved by my family. I don’t know what it would feel like to just hear or feel those words or see my parents and brothers fighting for me. I don’t know it feels because I never experienced it.  I can just be the change I wish to see and the change I wish I could have witnessed in my own family. I can love unconditionally, give empathy, give safety, give confidence, give hope for a future of dreams for my daughter. We may not have received it but nothing is stopping us from giving it. 

3 thoughts on “Combo of the movie Finding Dory and the Golden Globes tonight

  1. You may not have had a family who fought for you or loved you or looked out for you in any way, but considering you didnt, let me just say you are one of the kindest, most caring, people i know on wordpress. And you will no doubt instill that in your daughter too. xxx


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