The medical decisions of a lady bug.

A month ago I decided I needed to just be done with all of the medical trips, tests, scans, etc. After a lifetime of this muscle disease which started when I was 8, then went away, and then came back, I am just tired. Tired of the constantly cycle of hope, then let down, when a treatment is not found. How many bone density scans can one person have! How many radioactive dye and MRI and CT scans. At some point I just hit a wall and said enough is enough with this. 

When my most favorite doctor told me she wanted to do a 24 hour urine test for heavy metals I had absolutely no interest. I went by and picked up the kit anyway. After my last trip to the Mayo Clinic I was just so done. She sent me home with a 24 hour prescription too. It was the same test over and over with just another doctor ordering it. I had JUST done the test Mayo clinic wanted but she wanted her own. NO. But I’ve never had this heavy metal one done. So I sat the container on the corner of the table and figured I’d most likely toss it. I opened the back door and in came this:

How could I possibly say no to this precious little lady bug. She came in and landed right on my pee container! I let her crawl on my finger and then she flew away. So I am now taking my medical advice from a lady bug because I decided to do this one last test! Maybe I will let wild life make all my choices from me from now on!

11 thoughts on “The medical decisions of a lady bug.

    • I hope so! I started the test right away! In reality it doesn’t involve seeing anyone or going anywhere or getting blood taken. Just pee in a container! So maybe something good will come. The lady bug said to do it so I am.

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  1. Hello Beth. I do understand, yet do also hope you change your mind, at least a bit. I understand so well the constant and never ending tests. Blood draws, urine samples, x-rays, M.R.I.’s, evaluations of abilities and quality of life issues. I am lucky I guess , I don’t have any arrogant doctors. I like mine and work well with them. I hope it will be the same with my new Ortho surgeon doctor.

    You have a life time health issue. I do understand. It is in many ways like your abuse. You can’t get away from it, you can’t make it go away, you can’t stop it from affecting you, you simply have no way to make others understand fully how it feels and what it does to you. I get it, I really do. However there are so many who can’t get the care they need. Please don’t throw yours away. You are strong. If you don’t like the way your doctor acts tell them. IF you want a different manner demand it. IF not change doctors. I had to several times. The last time Ron told the doctor they shouldn’t practice walking much less medicine. I am also lucky in that I have a powerful advocate in Ron. My primary care doctor once said to me ” I will tell you what I suggest but you won’t listen to me”. To which Ron spoke up and said ” He will listen to me so explain it and make it clear, correct and effective and I will have him do it”. She kind of got really wide eyes and then did what he asked. She is not bad at her job just really young and fit and doesn’t understand older people with a lifetime long medical condition.

    IF you don’t do it for yourself, think of the wonderful husband you have and the grand daughter. They need you to keep seeing the doctors, to make your best judgement on what the doctors say or ask. I will say when I worked in the surgical ICU the doctors would often ask for the 24 hour urine collection, so it must be important.

    One last thing. Know I care. Know so many more in cyber space and in reality around you also care. hugs


    • You are very compassionate and kind and I appreciate your thoughts.
      I have one doctor who I completely trust. I have planned to stick with her , who is the one who ordered the urine test. Otherwise, being referred out to these other specialists have just been a waste of time and energy and money. There is no specialist for the things I have because they are so rare. So I think if I just stick with my one girl who I love I will be ok. And don’t worry. I’m not one to ignore serious things. I don’t blow off the flu or strep throat or uti’s and such. I just am not going to go to specialists at mayo clinic and elsewhere any longer.

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      • Thank you, I am reassured. I do understand where you are coming from. I once was asked to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. Yes I also have heart trouble but it is minor not worth talking about I think. The first time they hooked it up wrong. The second time they claimed something went wrong and they couldn’t read it. I then had a complete nuclear heart study, which answered all the questions and told us what we needed to know. So then again they asked me to try a third time with the 24 hour heart monitor I said no. The doctor was stunned, how dare I refuse. I told him, you failed twice, I had a cardiologist do the test you never bothered to read as you don’t seem to know the information has already been found and the solutions decided. I fired the doctor. So it does happen. Doctors are people as you already know, some are decent good people, some are incompetent jerks. I was not doubting you by the way, I trust you. I was just worried for you, and I know I sometimes get tired and have Ron cancel doctors appointments as I just can’t seem to face doing it again and again and again. In fact I had him cancel my labs for today and my appointment for thursday. I just had my shots and I needed a break. He understood and had them change the appointments. Be well. Hugs


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