I read all of your blogs today!!!!

I spent the entire day reading every single one who follows me and who I follow’s blog post. And WOW. WOW. The bravery, the honesty, the sheer perseverance, and voice that you all have given to all of us. Just to read REAL. Even if it is suffering and pain and sadness, it is not masked. IT is not silenced. I just feel honored to be reading what you write and blessed to know that we are not fighting these battles alone. 

18 thoughts on “I read all of your blogs today!!!!

  1. I know your kind words are addressed to a number of people not just me but thank you anyway. It inspired me to do major rewrites of a few of my recent poems . I wanted to post something and I think the one I chose is pretty well complete. I’m never sure I might think of other changes.


    • I think it was to “everyone” but to “individuals” because every one I read meant something. I felt them all! The poetry that I read was so profound! Thanks for commenting. Yes, I did mean, you! And lots of other people. I usually read a few a day but i wanted to make sure I had not forgotten anyone so i went through person by person. Words matter when they are written from the heart. Your words matter! Because you mattter


  2. I gain so much from the blogging community. Of course the support is incredible. But I also learn so much from other people’s stories and their ways of coping and growing and healing. I learn from their pain as well, though I always wish I could spare them what they have gone through.

    I have spent many hours reading. But I don’t think I’ve ever read everyone’s blogs in one day! That must have taken a LONG time.

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    • LOL!! All day. I decided to only get up to make 3 meals today for the family and the rest of the time I knew my legs required total rest. So I thought what better thing to do than read 500 blogs!


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