The reason I wrote The Secrets of Lilly Lake.

The man who molested me as a child is still alive and well living on Lilly Lake, the lake I grew up on. The reason I titled it The Secrets of Lilly Lake is because I hoped that one day he, and everyone in that town that abandoned, denied, and chose not to protect me, could see that I survived THEIR SECRETS. I wanted them to see the title of their lake, my lake, and know that that little girl grew up and kept their secrets no longer. The book breaks the silence and the title does as well.  The more people my book reaches, the more sexual abuse survivors will know that they are not in this alone. I want my book to reach the right people for the right reasons. I want the abuser to know he didn’t win. I want the survivors to know that we have. My book of poetry, I started when I was 15. I wrote ragdoll when I was 15. I wrote Hunter’s shoes when I was sleeping with my boyfriend at age 19. The boyfriend who took me in so I could get away from my house and that lake. I wrote poems about how I had to sell myself to pay my rent and how that took away part of my soul. But I have released that shame. I have recovered from that shame. The poems are moments in my life, nightmares, dreams, hopes, PTSD moments, fear, defeated ,and so much more. I hope that you will get my book and read it. I hope that you will share it as well. The picture on the cover was taken by me the last day I was on the lake. That lake carried with it secrets. I didn’t want to hold the secrets any longer. My brother still lives on that lake. In that house of secrets.  I haven’t been back to the lake since, but I wrote this book. Please get a copy on kindle.

Thank you. 

6 thoughts on “The reason I wrote The Secrets of Lilly Lake.

  1. I hope it brings you peace. Many have asked me to detail or write about my abuse. I refuse. Simply put, each time I do so makes me live it all again, makes the nightmares start again. I hope all is better for you now. Hugs


    • Well then that is most definitely not part of your healing process, to write. It seems you have done what you need to do to heal and I am very happy for you. Letting it go, for me, was writing it. Each time a let a little piece go I feel a little more free.


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